Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me or Am I Paranoid?

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Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me or Am I Paranoid?
No one wants to be cheated on, but it does happen. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to figure out if your fears are founded or if you are just seeing things that aren’t there. A good relationship requires trust, but what if there is a good reason you can’t trust her? Take this short quiz to find out if your suspicions have a basis. And remember, the best thing you can do for your relationship is to communicate with your partner.

Questions Excerpt

1. Is she receiving text messages from mysterious numbers?

A. Yes, one very consistently

B. How would I know that? I haven’t looked at her phone

C. Yes, but I think I recognize the number

D. I keep checking but they must be hidden very well

2. Has her schedule changed?

A. No, same old same old

B. Yes, but she told me that she has this new thing

C. Yes, without warning and it’s a bit irregular

D. Sorta, she has had a couple of changes, but nothing major

3. Has she been pulling away from you?

A. No, she’s been overly attentive

B. Not really

C. Hard to say, I think so, but then I don’t know, yes

D. Sometimes I think so, but it goes back and forth

4. Does she go out without telling you where she is?

A. Yes, all the time and she never tells me when I ask, sometimes even breaking plans, it feels like she’s never around

B. I mean I guess sometimes but isn’t that normal

C. Well, occasionally I don’t know where she is. But she tells me when I ask.

D. Sometimes, but it’s always when I have plans already

5. Is she talking in a hushed voice on the phone?

A. Yes, all the time and she seems excited/frustrated

B. No

C. Yes, and she tries to hide it away and gets off quickly

D. YES!  Once I came in and she got off the phone soon after I walked in

6. Does she have new mysterious jewelry?

A. No that you mention it yes

B. Why would I notice that?

C. She always buys her own jewelry, so yes some, but it’s not mysterious

D. All her jewelry is mysterious to me.  But yes, I think so.

7. Does she dodge questions when you ask her about it?

A. I haven’t asked her about it

B. Yes, and then she smiles and I don’t know what it means

C. No, she answers me very quickly and directly though recently she is getting really pissy at me whenever I bring it up

D. Yeah, she never seems to have satisfying answers. She gets so nervous.

8. Have you been fighting more?

A. Yes, we fight so much now

B. Yes, but I start most of them

C. No, about the same as normal

D. No, it seems like she’s being slightly nicer even

9. When did you last get physical?

A. Last night or the night before, it’s been pretty normal

B. It’s been a while

C. Earlier today which is unusual for us

D. A few days ago, which I guess is normal for us but, I’m not so sure, though maybe it is less.

10. Is her best friend acting weird around you?

A. Yeah, they seem totally weird, something is off.

B. No, same old same old

C. Yes, their acting super guilty and weirdly nice, or like they try to avoid me

D. No, but they're always pretty suspicious, I don’t like them hanging out.

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