What Is My Love Language?

20 Questions | Total Attempts: 1956
What Is My Love Language?
Unravel the mystery surrounding your love life. Set the right love tone one love language at a time. There are different types of love language Try what is my love language quiz to find out yours. This love language quiz will help you communicate effectively with your partner and blossom the relationship further. Take this love language quiz as a self-analysis tool for figuring out what’s your love Read more style and the attributes you truly value. So what are you waiting for? Let's begin. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. You feel the best with your partner when:

A. They ditch work to be with you

B. Showers you with expensive gifts

C. Go out of their way to make you feel special

D. They touch you lovingly

2. Which out of the following best symbolizes love?

A. Leaning on one another

B. Intertwined hands

C. Two silhouettes coming together

D. Two hearts joined together as one

3. How would you like to spend your Friday night with your partner?

A. Cook a special meal together

B. Cuddle and watch a movie

C. Go out and have a nice meal

D. Head out for a romantic walk

4. What do you do at home while your significant other is away for work?

A. Indulge in self-care

B. Take a nap

C. Message them constantly

D. Do the household chores

5. How do you spend a day at the mall with your partner?

A. Catch a movie

B. Help them shop for new clothes

C. Get a spa together

D. Head to the play zone

6. You have a day off. How would you like to spend it?

A. Hanging out with friends.

B. Getting a massage at the spa.

C. Getting work done.

D. At the mall buying gifts.

7. What's your ideal date night?

A. Attending live events

B. Fine dining experience

C. Cooking dinner together

D. Netflix and chill

8. What's the biggest deal-breaker for you in a relationship?

A. Not being prioritized in your relationship

B. Being criticized by your partner in an unproductive way

C. Narcissistic behavior

D. Being disrespected and taken for granted

9. What would you rather be doing right now?

A. Going for a movie

B. Doing household chores

C. Getting a makeover.

D. Picking up a hobby

10. What do you appreciate most in your significant other?

A. Getting gifts from him/her.

B. That he/she always makes time for you.

C. When he/she shows you physical affection.

D. When he/she offers to do all chores.

11. What did you enjoy the most as a child?

A. Running errands/ Doing chores

B. Playing with your friends.

C. Being cuddled by your parents.

D. Getting presents

12. How do you help out a friend who is struggling with money, school, and work?

A. Buy them a nice gift

B. Loan them some money

C. Give them a hug

D. Visit them and offer advice

13. Which quality is the most desirable for you in a partner?

A. Loyalty

B. Dependability

C. Sense of humor

D. Kindness

14. What do you see as the biggest flaw in your partner?

A. Forgetfulness

B. Dull and unenthusiastic attitude

C. Short-tempered/ Easily Irritable

D. Weak at communication

15. What would you like to be gifted by your partner?

A. Exquisite jewellery

B. Couple spa

C. Breakfast in bed

D. Luxury trip

16. According to you, what's the biggest turn-off at a date?

A. Being too much into the phone

B. Not arriving at the scheduled time

C. Talking too much about himself/herself

D. Being rude to the waiter

17. What would you recognize as your core value?

A. Friendship

B. Selflessness

C. Generosity

D. Love

18. How would you like your partner to lift your mood in times of despair?

A. Cuddle and comfort you

B. Spend an intimate evening with you

C. Cook a meal for you

D. Offer a relaxing vacation

19. How would you like your partner to express their love to you?

A. Cuddle and speak to you

B. Take time out for you

C. Do your favorite activities together

D. Pay you compliments

20. How would you like your friends to celebrate your birthday?

A. Throw you a surprise party

B. Buy you awesome gifts

C. Spend all day with you

D. Take you out to a fancy restaurant

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