Love Language Quiz for Men

10 Questions
Love Language Quiz for Men
Because of how they are brought up, some men often have a hard time explaining what they mean regarding relationships. They are taught to be tough and never really express their emotions effectively, especially with a woman. So, do you know how to decipher what a man truly means when he implies something? Do you have a hard time communicating or reading into what your man is saying? If yes, take our love Read more language for men quiz and learn to decipher what he truly means. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How many times a week do you tell your wife you love her?

A. Every day

B. As much as you can

C. You’ve lost count

D. Every time the need arises

2. Why do you feel neglected by your wife sometimes?

A. Because she doesn’t reach out during the day

B. Because she almost never has time to spend time alone with you

C. Because she is not romantic enough

D. Because she almost never tell you how special you are

3. Where would you go if you had time alone with your wife?

A. Overseas

B. At a nice hotel

C. To eat sushi

D. You’ll be fine at home

4. How long have you been together for her not to be able to read you properly?

A. More than a year

B. More than 5 years

C. Less than a year

D. More than 10 years

5. Are you enthusiastic around your woman?

A. Yes, very

B. Sometimes

C. It depends on the days

D. Not really

6. Are you intimidated by your wife?

A. Yes, a lot

B. No, not at all

C. Not really, you like talking to her about anything

D. No, in fact you like her ideas

7. Does your wife enjoy conversing with you?

A. Yes, because you know how to make her laugh

B. Yes, because they like her ideas

C. Yes, because you know the words to use when with her

D. No, she’s the one doing all the talking most of the time

8. Are you scared that your wife might not think you are sexy anymore?

A. Maybe

B. A little bit

C. No, you believe that she might be overwhelmed with something at home

D. You don’t know

9. Do you believe that your wife can read you? How would you grade her reading abilities?

A. Yes, she can most of the time. You would give her an 8/10 because sometimes she ignores your needs

B. Yes, she can but the relationship is still young so you’ll give her  a 9/10

C. Not really because she doesn’t seem to realize how intimacy is important. You’d give her a  7/10

D. You think she can, but she just doesn’t care, thinking that i’ll get over it. I’d give her a 6/10

10. What happens when your wife wants some time with you?

A. You let her take control

B. You smile because that’s what you crave most of the time

C. You succumb to her charms

D. You realize how much you miss her

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