6 Signs That Tell You Need Marital Counseling

 Marital counseling

Many married couples are not even aware that their marriage is in trouble. Every couple goes through a denial stage where they think things will eventually be okay,  but then one day they realize that they have grown apart  from each other and the relationship is already beyond repair. Do not wait for this to happen to you and your spouse. It is okay to admit that there is something wrong in your relationship and it is also okay  to ask for help if you think you need it.


Marital counseling is done not only to fix problems in your marriage,  but it is also done to help strengthen your relationship with your spouse. Allowing issues and problems in your relationship to linger may hurt your marriage and tear you apart from each other.  Learn to read the signs and seek help from a marital counselor as soon as you realize that there are things you need to fix in your relationship.

1. Communication problems

Communication is a vital key in  the success  of your relationship. Couples should be open to each other and should feel that they can share anything with their partner. But when you find that you and your spouse do not talk anymore or always end up talking about negative things,  then there is a problem. When you find yourself afraid to speak up or share things with your  spouse because he or she might react in a negative way then it’s time to admit that the communication in your relationship is failing  and you need  someone to mediate for you and your partner.

2. Lack of affection

Love and affection should always be present in a healthy marriage.  If you or your spouse hold back affection every time one of you does something wrong, then you definitely have issues that you need to resolve. Through some marital counseling techniques you both will learn to understand that even if married couples fight,  each one should never make their spouse feel that they are less loved. Your anger or disappointments for one another should never tarnish your love and affection for each other.

3. Spouse as the enemy

Some couples think that their relationship will do just  fine if their spouse would change in a certain way.  But putting the blame on your partner for the things that go wrong in your relationship is not the right way to strengthen your bond. If you see your spouse  as  more of an enemy  than  a partner in life then you may need  someone to assist you in reflecting on why this is so. Couples are supposed to work together to make their relationship last.  So if you find yourself always going against each other, then you need couples counseling  to overcome this situation.

4. Poor sex life

Everyone knows that  having a healthy sexual relationship between a man and a woman is  an important aspect  in making a marriage work.  But if the sexual needs of one or both of the couple are not met, then this can cause other issues for the couple in the future. It is important for you both to know whether your physical needs are met or not. Marital counseling can help you voice out your needs to your partner and eventually find a solution to improve your married sex life.

5. Dishonesty

Trust is a vital component in any relationship.  If you do not trust your spouse or you do things behind your partner’s back, then your marriage is in deep trouble. Married people should not keep secrets from each other. Dishonesty can lead to other problems like  cheating with money or even infidelity. Marital therapy  can  guide you on how you can overcome dishonesty, and overcome temptation of cheating on your relationship.

6. Drifting apart

Lastly,  if you find yourself arguing over and over about almost everything,  and you feel that you  are not part of the life that your spouse is living, and vice versa,  then something is terribly wrong with your relationship. Many recurring issues can cause you  to feel  unhappy and  alone as time goes by.  At this point you will feel that something has drastically changed in your relationship and that you and your spouse are drifting apart. You might also feel that you no longer know the person you are married to now. When this happens you should seek help before it’s too late.


Going to marital counseling does not always mean that you have a failing marriage.  Seeking help from a marriage counselor  simply means that you value your marriage and that you want to do something to improve and strengthen  your relationship with your spouse.