How Lack of Appreciation Can Take a Serious Toll on Your Marriage

How Lack of Appreciation Can Take a Serious Toll on Your Marriage

All of us like being appreciated, loved and complimented, particularly by the one we love. Appreciation is the most important aspect of marital satisfaction. Although it may be said that appreciation can only stem in a healthy marriage, it can also contribute to the healthiness of that relationship. A couple that appreciates each other on a daily basis for all the little or big things eventually develops a culture of gratitude within their marriage. This is extremely important for a couple to stay happy and contented and their marriage to thrive.

It is common for there be seasons in a relationship where partners fail to communicate appreciation due to reasons such as work stress. Life gets busy, and all of us tend to get occupied with our tasks. It is during this time that we often fail to recognize the contribution of our spouse in helping us and making our lives easier. It is expected to happen due to various reasons for a short span of time, but when this lack of appreciation becomes a permanent habit, it can prove disastrous for your relationship.

Appreciation must be felt, expressed and reciprocated. Just by following the below-mentioned ways, you can transform your marriage.

1. Feel

When your partner does certain things for you, it is important that you acknowledge them. You must cognitively know what your spouse is adding to your life, be it something big or small. If you fail to do so, this means you take them for granted and sooner or later, they will realize this too and stop doing what they do for you. Small gestures such as preparing your favorite dish for dinner, or doing your share of the chores or maybe even something big as planning a trip for your birthday; you need to be able to recognize these as loving gestures from your spouse. Although they may not be seeking praises by doing all of this, if you simply appreciate them for their efforts they will be happy. This will increase love and feeling of gratitude in between the spouse.

It is important that you acknowledge your partner

2. Express

If you do recognize your partner’s effort, it is equally important for you to express your appreciation towards them. You must find meaningful ways to communicate gratitude that ensure that your spouse hears it. For this, the word ‘thank you’ can be of great help. Saying this simple word or writing down on a note is a great way to let your partner know they you appreciate them for whatever they do for you. Similarly, compliments can go a long way and are easy and take no time at all. Saying something as simple as, ‘Dinner was great’ or ‘Thanks for washing my car’ can be extremely powerful, kind and positive and can really help you enhance your relationship and push away all kinds of marital issues.

3. Reciprocate

Despite feeling and expressing gratitude, appreciation cannot be fully experienced until reciprocated. You should be returning your spouse’s favor and making them feel as blessed as you felt. When both partners begin to appreciate each other for all that they do, they often start a cycle of continuous appreciation and gratitude towards each other. Each of them will try harder to serve each other due to the positive momentum created for each spouse to feel appreciated while also challenged to show appreciation towards each other.


Appreciation can be called the antidote of divorce. Marriages tend to end up in divorce when there is a lack of appreciation, more complaining and taking each other for granted. If your marriage does not have gratitude, it is important that you find it before it is too late because such marriages usually head towards divorce with each of the partner going their own separate ways. But if you already have a good, healthy marriage, making appreciation towards your spouse a part of your daily routine can make a good relationship great.

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