Marriage Restoration: How to Turn the Hopeless Situation Around

Marriage Restoration

Has your marriage changed over time? Do you feel like you need to restore your marriage? Don’t feel abandoned and lost? This situation happens to lots of people, but not all of them try to do something about it.

It is completely normal for a marriage to lose its zing over a period of time. Marriage, like life, has ups and downs, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road.

If you feel like it is time to take some steps for regaining the thrill of your marriage that you once had, read some of the following points:

Have faith

You don’t have to be a Christian or even believe in God to have faith and believe in the good outcome of the situation. Don’t give up on your marriage and work on it. That is the first step you need to take.

Recognize the problem

Every problem has a solution, but in order to solve the problem, you first need to locate it. It is most important to understand what is causing trouble in your marriage. When you analyze and you find the problem, work on resolving it.

Work on yourself

You can’t change your spouse, but you can always change yourself. The marriage can’t be broken because one of the partners is making it worse, both of you must be doing something wrong. See what you’re doing wrong and try to fix it.

Talk to each other

It’s impossible to know what your partner dislikes in you if you don’t talk. Conversation by itself is a remedy, and if the talking is civilized, it can lead to the solutions. When you talk to each other, problems are placed in the open and ready to be resolved.

Experiment in bed

One of the most common killers of a healthy marriage is boring sex. Couples lose the passion in time and that is normal. That’s why you must work on your sex habits to make the time in the bedroom more exciting. Experimenting is always a good idea. Try role play, different positions than usual, or find out what your partner likes and surprise him/her.

Find time just for the two of you

If you have kids, it is hard to find time for yourself. Constant work and taking care of the children is killing the joy of life. If you don’t enjoy life, you won’t enjoy marriage too. Hire a babysitter or find a different solution but get some time for yourself as a couple. Go to a party, visit a motel, or whatever makes you happy as a couple.


After some time in marriage, the partners tend to forget about how they look. Taking care of your own body is healthy for your well-being, but also to keep being attracted to your partner.

Don’t blame the other

As previously mentioned, it takes two to tango, so don’t put the blame only on your spouse for the problems. Nothing will be solved by blaming, but realizing the problem and working to fix it. Blaming only makes the situation worse, makes the other person more nervous and adds more problems.

Try counseling

As for last but not least option, try counseling. Couples therapy now have all sorts of options suited for situations like this. Therapists know how to make broken marriages work again with a number of methods.