5 Signs That You Are Living in a Toxic Marriage

Signs That You Are Living in a Toxic Marriage

There will be times when you have doubts about your relationship, wondering if the person you are with is actually ‘the one’ for you. You may often find yourself questioning your decision to stay with them over and over again. If that is the case, it is possible your relationship might be toxic for you. It is not good for any of us to be in a relationship with no love; there is no point in continuing it when you see no future together. A toxic marriage can affect one’s mental and emotional health greatly. People in poor relationships are often seen to suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and are susceptible to illnesses. Therefore, it is important that you are fully aware of what’s good for you and what’s not.

Living in a toxic marriage may remove all happiness from your life, deteriorate your mental-health and feeling of well-being, push you into a constant feeling of self-doubt and shame and even lead you to have suicidal thoughts. If you already feel these things or notice any of the below-mentioned signs of a toxic relationship, you need to escape now.

1. Lack of communication

Talking to one another is considered a great way to remove misunderstandings and develop a  bond between any two people. Similarly, couples usually opt for talking it out when having issues in their married life. If there are times when neither of you wishes to speak to each other, this is a clear indication that something is not right. Moreover, despite being in the same room, both of you are busy doing your own thing rather than spending quality time with each other, it shows a lack of connection. Similarly, physical affection is said to be what distinguishes marriage from friendship. If your relationship lacks physical intimacy, there is a really big red flag waiting to be noticed.

2. Jealousy and blame game

If your partner is constantly texting you and wants to know where you go, who you hang out with, this shows their insecurity and their need to control you. A jealous spouse requires constant updates and try to limit you, taking away your freedom. They may even monitor what their spouse does on their phone or computer and may feel jealous on seeing them talk to others, particularly of the opposite sex. Having no trust in a relationship is a clear sign that there is nothing worth left to hold on to. You may also find your partner often threatening you to manipulate you by hurting themselves, and blaming you as the reason for their pain as well as their own caused poor relationship.

3. Fights and arguments

Couples tend to learn more about each other over the years and develop a better understanding that helps them minimize conflicts and enhance love and support between them. Even after all these years if spouses are constantly fighting, possibly over the same reasons, there might be a huge chance they have lost the love they once held. Being able to voice your perspective and being all ears to your partner’s opinion is a great way to resolve issues, but if neither of you wishes to talk things out means, you lack communication that will lead your relationship to shambles.

Fights and arguments

4. Criticism and humiliation

There a lot of pleasant ways to let your partner know if you are not pleased about their something or the way they dress instead of bashing, insulting them. It is not okay if your spouse humiliates and insults you by making mean jokes and judging negatively as this shows that they do not respect you anymore and want to make you feel worthless. Similarly, a partner who also refuses to acknowledge your strengths and belittle your accomplishments is not worth staying for and trying to save an already destroyed marriage.

5. Feeling like walking on eggshells

If living in a toxic marriage, you will eventually find yourself to be always in a constant state of anxiety, and afraid to do anything that you feel may offend, or disappoint your partner. All of this entirely due to the fear of being criticized and yelled at. If you feel like ‘walking on eggshells’ which means a feeling of always being careful about trivial matters, this is a huge sign that you are unhappy in this marriage.


Nobody deserves to stay bound in toxic marriage. The thought of breaking a relationship you have invested in so long is a scary thought due to the fear of being left all alone and an unknown future. As a result, many of us choose to settle for mediocrity and try to live through the pain. However, none of us deserve to simply ‘settle for it’ and need to leave such a marriage as soon as possible because nothing is greater than one’s emotional health and happiness.

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