Quiz: Is Your Marriage Still Hot?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 128
Quiz: Is Your Marriage Still Hot?
After a while, your marriage may become boring. That passion you and your partner had in the beginning melts and the relationship becomes more like a commitment. You act more like business partners and less like a love couple. If you think your marriage is not what it used to be, take this quiz to be sure about it:

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you talk about how your day at work was?

A. Yes, every day.

B. We often talk about it.

C. Sometimes.

D. Never.

2. How often do you have sex?

A. At least once in three days.

B. About once a week.

C. Not more than once or twice a month.

D. Sex? Ah yes, I remember sex, but we don't do that anymore.

3. Do you have a friends night out?

A. Yes, often.

B. Yes, it happens sometimes.

C. Rarely.

D. Never.

4. Are you and your partner physically active?

A. We both are.

B. Just me.

C. Just my partner, but not me.

D. No, we're not.

5. Would you describe your sex as the same as in the beginning? 

A. The sex is still good.

B. Well, maybe not like the beginning, but it's satisfying.

C. No

D. Even if we had sex, it would be a disaster.

6. Do you have a joint bank account?

A. Yes, don't all couples have one?

B. No, but we share everything.

C. Yes, but it's empty, we have our separate ones.

D. No, we don't mix bills.

7. When did you last time go partying together?

A. Just the other day.

B. Last week.

C. I can't remember, but we did once.

D. When we met, probably.

8. When was the last time your partner cooked for you?

A. He does that very often.

B. Last month.

C. When he was trying to impress me at the beginning of the relationship.

D. Never, unfortunately.

9. When did your partner last time surprise you?

A. Last week.

B. A couple of months ago.

C. For my birthday two years ago.

D. Well, um, never.

10. Do you think your partner might cheat on you?

A. Not likely.

B. Probably not.

C. He might. He might already have.

D. He already cheated.

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