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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 294 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Sex-starved Marriage Quiz
Unfortunately, a marriage can start off great but eventually turn sour. One of the main reasons people get divorced is due to a lackluster sex life. If you believe your marriage is sex-starved, take this ‘Sex-starved marriage’ quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you have sex with your partner?

A. Not good

B. Once every couple of days

C. Once a month

2. Do you engage in foreplay during sex?

A. No

B. Yes, every time

C. Sometimes

3. Are you both affectionate towards each other?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Sometimes

4. Do you or your partner wear sexy lingerie or outfits for each other?

A. No

B. Yes, of course!

C. Yes, but on rare occasions

5. Would you consider yourself or your partner as asexual?

A. Yes

B. Nope

C. I'm not sure

6. When you’re having sex with your spouse, who do you think about?

A. Another person

B. My spouse

C. Work, school, bills, etc.

7. Rate your sex drive.

A. Low

B. High

C. Medium

8. What do you do when your spouse asks for sex?

A. I decline the offer

B. I accept the offer

C. I’m usually the one that asks for sex

9. Agree or disagree: Sex is vital for a happy marriage.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

C. Neutral

10. Describe your sex life in your marriage.

A. Not good

B. Great

C. Ok

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