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10 Questions | Updated: Oct 26, 2022
 Am I Controlling in My Marriage Quiz?

Here is the am I controlling in my marriage quiz. If your partner has complained that you are too controlling, you should take this test. You might need to take a step back even though you may not be aware that you are a control freak because your behaviors can upset your partner. Take this quiz to determine whether you are genuinely managing your partner or whether they are acting out of proportion.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you and your spouse deal with issues that arise in your home?

A. My spouse and I don't deal with it jointly. I manage that

B. My spouse handles it on my behalf

C. We end up battling over who will take care of it because neither of us wants to

2. Imagine you do if you don't already have kids. Which statement about you is true?

A. Your spouse decides after your child asks whether he or she can do anything. You decide to tell your child otherwise without first consulting your spouse since you disagree with the choice

B. You don't question your spouse's decisions since you trust them

C. You might disagree with your spouse's choice and talk to them alone if your child isn't around

3. Your partner should keep you updated on where they are, what they're up to, and where they will be.

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

4. Your partner made the decision to clean the whole house as a gesture of kindness to you.

A. You accuse your partner of not doing it correctly and then hurriedly begin to clean everything once more

B. You choose to prepare your spouse's favorite dish since you are so grateful

C. You take a seat, put your feet up, and enjoy the luxury of a change of pace from having to do anything

5. What do you do when your spouse completes paperwork involving you, such as health insurance forms or other documents?

A. Because I want to make sure the paperwork is completed properly, I won't let my spouse fill out any forms

B. I stay silent because I have faith that my spouse is doing responsibly

C. We frequently complete paperwork together that is important to both of us

6. The holiday is quickly approaching. Which of these statements most accurately sums up how your family plans its holidays?

A. You sit down with your spouse a few weeks before the holidays and decide what you will all do

B. Your partner makes the decision for the holidays on their own and then informs you

C. Every holiday, you pick what your family will do, and you don't really care what anybody else thinks

7. You need to move into a new house. Makes the final choice, you or your spouse?

A. Naturally, I get to make the final decision

B. Together, we make a choice

C. There is no importance. My spouse's preference will likely satisfy my needs

8. Both you and your spouse hold jobs and earn income. Which of these best sums up your approach to managing your household's income?

A. Every payday, you two sit down and talk about how much money is going to which bills and what to do with the rest

B. You collect all the salaries and distribute them accordingly. You offer your partner an allowance, but you never let them know what happens to the remaining money

C. You and your spouse frequently fight about money because you don't want to talk to your spouse about it and he/she wants to know where the money is going

9. Are you self-critical?

A. I don't make mistakes that call for me to be critical of myself

B. I generally am, but occasionally no

C. Yes. I always approach every event from multiple perspectives

10. Sometimes we have to be the harshest critics we can be of ourselves. Do you think you are a controlling person?

A. No. On the contrary, having someone else manage things for me is a superior alternative

B. I don't think I am, I just do what needs to be done

C. Only sometimes and in some cases

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