Quiz: Are You in a Controlling Marriage?

10 Questions
Quiz: Are You in a Controlling Marriage?

Are you in a controlling marriage? If this question has been on your mind then this quiz is designed to help you start looking for some answers. Even if you are in a controlling marriage, it would be hard to pinpoint the controlling behaviors. 

But with observations and tools provided by this "Are You in a Controlling Marriage quiz", you would be able to see the behaviors that could seem controlling.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think you are the decision-maker in the marriage?

A. Yes, I think so

B. No, they make most decisions

C. I think we usually decide mutually

2. How often do you get informed by your partner of the decisions they make?

A. Quite often

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

3. How often do you inform your partner of your decisions?

A. Rarely

B. Occasionally

C. Most of the time

4. Does your partner keep an eye on all your activities such as shopping, meeting friends, and so on?

A. No, they don’t

B. Yes, they do

C. Rarely

5. Does your partner ask you to reduce your expenses even if you haven’t spent much?

A. No, they don’t

B. Quit often

C. Yes, sometimes

6. Do you think your partner keeps your conversations private with him?

A. I am not sure

B. I think so

C. I don't known

7. Does your partner seem controlling in bed?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. Kind of

C. Not really

8. Does your partner help you get out of a stressful situation?

A. Yes, they do

B. Not really

C. Whenever possible

9. Does your partner often get mad at you?

A. Yes, they do

B. No, they do not

C. Occasionally

10. Do you think your partner will get upset if you don’t do exactly what they have asked you to do?

A. Yes, I think so

B. I am not sure

C. Maybe not

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