What Leads to Infidelity – 8 Common Causes of Infidelity in Relationships

Platonic friendship turns into an affair when it becomes emotionally intimate and involves some level of secrecy

Infidelity can be best explained as any action that violates an implicit or explicit agreement between two people, thus harming a relationship. What might begin as friendship or compassionate connection increases over a period of time and becomes an intimate relationship. Often, platonic friendships evolve into emotional affairs and the line between these two types of relationships runs very thin. Platonic friendship turns into an affair when it becomes emotionally intimate and involves some level of secrecy.

What leads to infidelity?

According to experts, the most common cause of infidelity is a sense of emotional disconnection from your partner. The person who has committed infidelity complains of feeling unappreciated, unloved, ignored and overall sadness or feeling or insecurity which led them to cheat on their partner. All these emotions lead to secondary feelings of anger and resentment which prompt them to do something which is not right and which they even regret later on. However, there have also been cases where only the thrill of doing something secretive and tasting the forbidden fruit lead to infidelity so it is not possible to determine what actually leads to infidelity or how people end up cheating their partners.   

There are numerous causes of infidelity but each case is different from the other. While some believe that it is the result of a loveless marriage, others believe that it results from a hasty decision which cannot be undone and others believe that infidelity is nothing but failure to work out relationship problems.

Here are 8 common causes of infidelity as listed by experts

1. Excessive use of the internet

The internet has become one of the major facilitators of infidelity as it is very easy to get connected with people and continue talking to them for hours at length whether you are at home, work or even in some public place. There are many websites where people can meet up and this leads to the beginning of a new relationship.

2. Family troubles

Couples drift apart due to family troubles that they are unable to sort out and this eventually leads to infidelity. Whether it is financial issues, emotional issues or sexual issues, couples facing trouble in their life are unable to deal with this in the most effective manner and as a result one of them or both end up committing infidelity by seeking solace outside their relationship.

Couples drift apart due to family troubles that they are unable to sort out

3. Inability to deal with problems

Running away from problems and inability to deal with them is a major cause of infidelity. There are times when instead of dealing with the problem at hand, husbands or wives end up making excuses and try to find some other way which opens the door to infidelity. There have been many examples where a spouse reported that he or she found a coworker with whom they could share their problems and feel comfortable with and this was the beginning of the affair.

It comes as no surprise that most of the cases of infidelity take place in workplaces where sympathetic coworkers offered a shoulder to lean on.

4. Porn addiction

Porn content is very easily available on the internet and this is one of the major causes of destroyed relationships these days. What might surprise you most is that porn addiction is not only limited to men as a large number of women also suffer from porn addiction which leads to infidelity when spouses are no longer sexually satisfied with their partners and want to experiment with someone new and something exciting.

5. Boredom

You might not believe it but boredom is one of the main causes of infidelity. People fall into routines which take the excitement from their lives including their bedroom lives and this often leads to infidelity when one partner is no longer satisfied in the relationship and seeks something new and thrilling. There are many people who look for excitement to escape boredom and experiment with various things like adopting new hobbies or hanging out with different people and they end up cheating their partners even without meaning to do so.  

There have been many cases when lonely wives joined clubs or hired instructors to learn something new and they end up having affair with these people.

You might not believe it but boredom is one of the main causes of infidelity

6. Lack of normal/healthy relations

Lack of normal or healthy relations is also a major factor which leads to infidelity in the long run. There are couples who have married for certain reason or they are staying together for certain motives like children or financial issues but there is no love between them and they cannot tolerate to be with each other more than needed. There are also situations where men do not pay attention to their wives and they don’t live like a normal couple, go out together or have a passionate relationship and ultimately one or both of them look outside their relationship for someone whom they want to be with.  

7. The feeling of being unwanted

Some people drift towards affairs because they feel that they are no longer wanted by their partners or their partners are not satisfied with them either emotionally, physically or sexually. This often results when one partner is living a very successful and busy life and does not have time for his spouse and the spouse does not have a very active role to play except manage the home and look after kids. This situation leads to feelings of being unwanted and ultimately to something that they both regret later on.

Some people drift towards affairs because they feel that they are no longer wanted by their partners

8. Living apart for a long time

These days a lot of couples are working hard day and night to establish themselves in the society and live a better life but in doing so, they end up being apart for long periods of time which is not good for their relationships. When one partner is absent for a long time, the other partner is lonely and to keep herself or himself busy, find new activities which might involve interacting with other people where they get a little too involved with someone.

Couples also drift apart when they spend too much time away from each other and they no longer feel connected or attached as before and this is also a reason for infidelity.

The reasons why people betray each other in relationships are endless as the excitement of doing something forbidden cannot be explained. Experimenting with something new and indulging in some illicit activity holds a lot of attraction for some people and they commit infidelity just to see what it is all about.

The chances for infidelity might not be as high as the claims that are made, but with the passage of time, there is the probability that infidelity will rise in the society depending on the nature of relationships and behaviors of partners towards each other. It is only by understanding the common causes of cheating that you can learn what leads to infidelity and address the issue most effectively.


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