The Ultimate Marriage Preparation Questionnaire

The Ultimate Marriage Preparation Questionnaire

So, you’ve finally found that special someone and now you are wondering if you are ready to take the next step in your relationship together. Keep in mind that no quiz, even our “Ultimate Marriage Preparation Questionnaire” can say with 100% certainty if you are really ready to get married. However, if you answer honestly you should get a pretty good idea if you are ready to take the walk down the aisle or if you and your future spouse should take a little more time to get to know each other better.

This quiz is made up of 15 questions and the answer key can be found at the end of the quiz. Ready to get started? Good luck!

  1. How long have you and your partner been in a relationship together?
    a. 1-3 years.
    b. Less than a year.
    c. More than 3 years.
  2. Have you or your partner lived on your own before?
    a. Yes, we have both lived on our own.
    b. No, neither of us have.
    c. One of us has.
  3. Have discussed having children and how you’d like to raise them?
    a. Yes, we have discussed it in depth and reached a decision.
    b. No, not really.
    c. We talked about it but aren’t sure yet.
  4. When you think of your wedding, what stands out as being the most important?
    a. That we are marrying the love of our life and our soul mate.
    b. That we have a picture perfect wedding.
    c. That we are making a lifetime commitment to each other.
  5. Do you agree about where you should live after the wedding?
    a. Yes.
    b. No, not really.
    c. We talked about it but aren’t sure yet.
  6. Have you talked about your finances and how you want to handle them (i.e. – joint bank account, separate accounts, any debt/savings)?
    a. Yes, and we know how what we are going to do.
    b. No, not at all.
    c. Yes, but we aren’t sure how we want to set everything up.
  7. Do you and your fiancé share similar goals and dreams for the future?
    a. Yes, very much so.
    b. No, not really.
    c. Yes, somewhat.
  8. How honest are you with your fiancé?
    a. Very honest.
    b. Not very honest.
    c. Mostly honest, but I tell little white lies.
  9. When an issue comes up, how do you and your partner deal with it?
    a. We work it out between us pretty quickly. It’s not worth fighting.
    b. It gets pretty heated when we argue.
    c. We tend to get upset but eventually work it out after a few days.
  10. Do each of you get along with the other’s family?
    a. Yes, we get along wonderfully.
    b. No, not at all.
    c. We don’t always get along but we manage without any major issues.
  11. Do you share personal information about your fiancé with your best friends?
    a. No, not really.
    b. Yes, all the time.
    c. Yes, but only things that my fiancé approves of.
  12. Have you discussed your career goals and where you see yourself in 5 years time?
    a. Yes, all the time.
    b. No, not really.
    c. Yes, somewhat.
  13. Have you discussed what kind of lifestyle and home you want? (i.e. – A large suburban home, rural farm house, city apartment, high powered jobs, one spouse working, etc.)
    a. Yes, and we agree.
    b. No, not really.
    c. Yes, but we haven’t decided yet.
  14. Do you respect your spouse and their opinions?
    a. Yes, all the time.
    b. No, not really.
    c. Yes, somewhat.
  15. Have you discussed what each of you like and how you’d like to be treated?
    a. Yes, all the time.
    b. No, not really.
    c. Yes, somewhat.
    Congratulations! You’ve finished the “Ultimate Marriage Preparation Questionnaire”! Are you ready to find out your score?

If you answered mostly A’s: Congratulations, it sounds like you and your partner have put a lot of serious thought and effort into your life together already. It sounds like you two are definitely ready to head down the aisle!

If you answered mostly B’s: It seems like you may need to take a marriage preparation course or take the time to discuss some of the more important issues that you’ll face as a married couple. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t right for each other, just that you haven’t talked enough about the more important aspects of married life.

If you answered mostly C’s:  It sounds like you and your fiancé are nearly ready to get married. You may want to spend a little extra time discussing your goals and plans but wedding bells are definitely in your future.

Shellie Warren
Life Coach
Shellie R Warren is an author, writer, marriage life coach and doula. Her passion is covenant and spends a lot of time devoted to that area. You can check out her blog for single women who desire marital covenant at

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