Signs You May Be Falling Out of Love in Marriage

signs that you may be falling out of love

Most people can easily recognize the signs that they are falling in love, especially in a new relationship–but the signs that you are falling out of love in a marriage, or any other relationship that has been continuing for a while, are not always the easiest to spot or recognize. Falling out of love is also not as uncommon as most people think—if you think that you may be falling out of love in marriage, consider the following signs that might just indicate your feelings about your marriage relationship aren’t what they used to be.


You have fewer shared interests and activities than you did before

It’s not unusual for couples to have different interests or favorite activities–such as one spouse who loves football and another who doesn’t.  But for a couple in love, these different interests don’t present conflict. In fact, couples may often share activities even though they aren’t necessarily enjoyable to them, such as taking a partner to the opera despite not enjoying it.  If you are falling out of love in marriage, however, you may notice that you are spending less time doing shared activities or talking about shared interests.


You don’t express affection towards your partner as often

It is very common for married couples to be very affectionate and openly loving when they are newlyweds, only for the affection to level out over time—this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and is usually just considered another stage in the development of a long-term relationship. However, if you find that you aren’t expressing affection, enjoyment or gratitude to your partner very often—or significantly less often than you used to—then it may be a sign that you are falling out of love. This is especially true if you find yourself increasingly annoyed or irritated with your partner.


You are no longer attempting to resolve conflicts

Couples who are actively in love will almost always attempt to resolve conflicts in their relationships, because they are invested in the relationship and naturally want the relationship to work. If you have fallen out of love, however, you may find that you don’t make the attempt to solve issues—in fact, you may begin to feel as if it’s better to just ignore the situation entirely, and that resolving the conflict isn’t important in the long run. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of making the relationship even more strained and troubled, which can result in a continuing loss of love towards your partner.


What to do if you are falling out of love in marriage

If you think that your feelings for your partner have diminished, you will have to make a very personal choice: you can either work on attempting to rejuvenate your feelings or let the relationship go. Either option will require a lot of thinking or careful consideration, as both is serious steps which will impact your relationship and your life as a whole.


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