Marriage Separation Advice: Good News for the Brokenhearted

Marriage Separation Advice

Among the best marriage separation advice available, is to seek immediate and thorough marriage counseling after separation. What is marriage counseling? Marriage counseling is an effective subtype of psychotherapy. The intent of this type of counseling, it is to assist couples of all shapes and sizes recognize and retool in the aftermath of conflicts and to promote healthy communication and improve the messiness of relationships.

Great marriage counseling, enables partners and individuals to make thoughtful decisions about enhancing the relationship or, if the situation requires, going separate ways. Typically, marriage counseling is facilitated by licensed therapists who specialize in helping when the rough spots arrive. Equipped with graduate and postgraduate degrees, most therapists are credentialed by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).Ah, and marriage counseling is geared for short-term relief.

If you truly want to save your marriage, consider the following marital separation tips.

1. Homework

Write down your common ground issues and the areas that continue to hurt and threaten the marriage. Share these with your partner. Be prepared to receive his/her contributions, too.

2. Express the contaminants to the relationship

What are the words and actions from your family of origin or early relationship that continue to nip at your current state of affairs?

3. Tear down the emotional wall

When we hurt deeply, we tend to build emotional walls that prevent us from truly engaging with those we love. If you are serious about re-engaging with the love of your life, you need to examine the walls you have erected in front of your heart.

4. Speak from the heart

Here, the power of the “I feel” statement carries tremendous weight and opportunity. When speaking to your partner, be honest. Talk about what hurts, and do not persuade yourself to say what you think he or she wants to hear.

5. Get to know each other… again

If you’ve been through some things individually or as a couple, it may be hard to engage in any sort of emotional and physical intimacy. It is important to try, though. Talk. Go on a date. Travel. Cook together. Learn to enjoy each other once again.