How To Save Your Marriage Quiz?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 66
How To Save Your Marriage Quiz?
Getting a divorce is not something unheard of these days, but separating from your partner is often not a solution to your problems. You just have the illusion of endless possibilities if you are single again – chances are a new romance will reach the same dead end at some point, after living together for several years and going through difficult situations together. If you want to save your marriage, stay with us and answer honestly to these questions – in the end you will discover some effective strategies for making your relationship work better!

Questions Excerpt

1. Why are you in this marriage?

A. Because I want to have someone to come home to

B. Because we can't live without one another

C. Because I want to be loved

D. Well, most people get married at some point

2. Do you feel in love with your partner?

A. Yes, and I feel we are not spending enough time together

B. Yes, passionately

C. Yes, and I long for them all the time because they don't seem to respond

D. No, actually I am in love with someone else

3. Would you divorce your spouse tomorrow?

A. If they still come home at 10 PM, probably!

B. No, I couldn't live without them!

C. No, I think this relationship hasn't reached its maximum potential yet

D. Yes, if I find someone better

4. How does an evening spend together to look like?

A. These evenings are very rare, I can't even remember one

B. We are sort of suffocating each other

C. We are watching TV together and we don't pay much attention to each other

D. It's boring because both of us are probably thinking about someone else

5. Did you ever cheat on your spouse?

A. No, but they would probably not even notice

B. It's impossible, we are together all the time

C. No, but sometimes the thought of it tempts me

D. Yes

6. You will be late for work today. What is your spouse’s reaction?

A. It's something they are used to

B. They get anxious and agitated

C. They don't care about it

D. They are afraid I could be somewhere else and not at work

7. When did you last give some extra TLC to your partner?

A. Quite a while ago

B. I do it every day actually

C. It never happens

D. When they started suspecting I was cheating on them

8. What is the biggest issue in your marriage?

A. The lack of sincerity

B. That we don't spend enough time together

C. Not spending enough time separately

D. The fact we have become distant

9. What is the most common reproach you hear from your partner?

A. I barely see you!

B. Why do you have to be so clingy?

C. You are not passionate enough or involved in this relationship.

D. You are a liar and I can't trust you!

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

A. Not necessarily

B. Absolutely

C. Yes, but it doesn't last

D. Yes, it happens all the time!

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