Romantic Ideas to Nurture Your Marriage

Romantic Ideas to Nurture Your Marriage

When you think ‘romance’, you likely think of dinner under the stars or a serenading song, but real romance means taking the time to develop your marriage and grow stronger together. It goes without saying that in order to foster a happy, healthy marriage you need to show your partner that you care. Make it your goal to have your marriage be your top priority, to have real fun together, and to learn when to speak up and when to listen. We’re looking at 10 romantic ideas to nurture your marriage.

1. Reminisce

Nostalgia is great for couples. It makes you happy to think about how you first got together when you knew you wanted to marry each other, and the goals and dreams you used to plan for. Reminiscing can also help you refocus on your relationship and feel more appreciative of your partner and all that you’ve been through together.

Talking about how you first met, what your first thoughts were about each other, how you told one another you were in ‘like’, and talking about other ‘Firsts’ can be a fun and exciting experience for any couple. This can be especially helpful if you have recently gone through a hard time together, as nostalgia can help relieve depression and grief. The longer you’re together, the more memories you’ll have to look back on that will make you feel like your relationship is young and fresh again.

2. Kiss every day

Intimacy is an important part of nurturing your marriage, both in and outside of the bedroom. Sex is important to keep your love alive, but so are many other forms of physical touch. Hugging, holding hands, playing footsie, rubbing noses, kissing, and basically engaging in intimate touching that doesn’t result in sex can actually strengthen the marriage bond and bring you both closer together. When you focus on intimacy outside of the bedroom you will find your relationship feels more fulfilling.

3. Continue dating each other

As a married couple, you’ve probably heard it a million times: Start doing date night! We’re here to say just do it already. Date night is a great way to reconnect as romantic partners, instead of juggling your roles as parents and routine-keeping housemates. Pour a glass of wine and dig up a date night that encompasses something you both love to do. Have a movie night, go out to dinner, take up a hobby or a class, take a day-trip, visit museums and pack a picnic. Whatever you both love to do, make sure you do it together once a week. Of course, date night is also a great opportunity to take advantage of stress-free sexual intimacy.

4. Take care of yourself

When you first got together you were both likely more put together than you are now. One way you can nurture your marriage is by making sure you are both taking care of yourselves. Eating right and getting enough exercise are staples of caring for your body, but don’t forget the little things either. Do your hair and makeup, sport a clean shave, and dress up for your mate as you would have when you were first dating. Taking care of your appearance will boost your confidence and have your marriage mate going ga-ga for you.

5. Forgive and forget

As imperfect people, you’re bound to make mistakes throughout your marriage. You’re also likely to get on each other’s nerves at one point or another. However, in order to nurture your marriage, you’ll need to learn to forgive and forget.

6. Give compliments about positive qualities

One of the great romantic ideas to nurture your marriage is to give compliments. Not fake or forced “You look nice!” compliments, but genuine shows of affection and appreciation. Sometimes the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact on your marriage. If your husband cleaned out the car, tell him you appreciated it. If he makes you laugh, tell him so! If your wife takes good care of the house or puts in long hours at work, tell her how much it helps you because she does her part. Take the time to compliment your partner’s positive qualities, big or small.

7. Manners

One of the most romantic ideas to nurture your marriage is to keep the mystery alive. What we mean is minding your manners! At the beginning of your relationship there is no way you would pass gas, burp, pee with the door open, or go days without showering, so why have you started now? Keeping an air of mystery and manners in your relationship is the key to keeping the romance alive.

8. Go tech-free

During the day your cell phone is glued to your side. It helps you stay connected with work, your social media accounts, friends, and even your spouse. But when you’re at home, make it a point to have a tech-free hour where your eyes leave the screen and focus on your partner. Time away from your devices will help you refocus on your marriage and create new hobbies that will draw you closer together. Disconnect from your tablet, cell, and television while you’re with your partner and show them that they are your top priority.

If you’re not ready to devote a full hour to being device-free, why not start slow by putting the phones down when you are speaking to one another. Spouses need to know they are being heard. Show your partner that you care about engaging them in conversations by giving them your undivided attention.

9. Keep your sex life alive

As previously stated, sex is an important part of your relationship. It creates a bond of intimacy and love while fulfilling your physical need. Reports show that couples who have sex one or more times a week have healthier relationships than those who do not. Make sure you are both achieving orgasm during intercourse and are trying new and exciting things so that you never feel stuck in a rut.