Let Her Know You Love Her: 10 Ways To Be Romantic To Your Wife

Ways To Be Romantic To Your Wife

The Shoop Shoop Song tells us that if we want to know if he loves us so, it’s in his kiss. Well, it’s a catchy song but it got that wrong – there are more ways than kissing to add a shot of romance to your relationship with your wife. Trying out a few new ideas will keep the romance alive and remind your wife how much you love and value her.

It’s easy to lose sight of romance when you’re dealing with work, kids, bills, family and social events. The first flush of romance seems like it was decades away. Putting the romance back will support your marriage and show your wife that you love her. Here are ten easy ideas to bring the romance back, starting today.

1. Watch a movie she loves

Even if you share taste in movies, we bet there are some movies she loves that you hate. Whether she’s into action, horror, or romance, pick a movie you know she loves and set aside time to watch it together. Find it on Netflix or rent it from a streaming service, grab some popcorn, and settle down together to watch it.

2. Cook dinner

What could be more romantic than being surprised with her favorite meal? Pick a night and rustle up your wife’s favorite meal. You can surprise her when she gets home early, or if your work hours don’t allow for that, pick a Friday night or lazy Sunday. Set the table with candles and flowers, and take care of the dishes afterwards so she can enjoy her favorite food with no clean up.

3. Send flowers to her work

Surprise flowers brighten any work day. Order a bouquet of her favorite flowers – if you’re not sure what they are, go with her favorite colors. Add a card with a message that will make her smile and have them delivered to her work when she least expects it.

Send flowers to her work

4. Arrange a get-away

A get-away away for just the two of you is a romantic gift that she won’t forget in a hurry. Arrange a night away in a picturesque guest house in a beautiful area, or revisit a favorite vacation haunt. If that’s not her speed, why not try a city mini break? Exploring the culture and cuisine will rekindle the flame, even if you’re only a few hours from home.

5. Leave a love note

A love note is quick and easy to do, but so very romantic. Grab a card or sticky note and write something designed to make her feel loved. Tell her the reasons you love her, thank her for being there for you, or remind her of an in joke that you two share. Tuck it away in her lunch bag, stick it to the bathroom mirror, or hide it in her purse or car.

6. Pamper her

Pampering someone brings the two of you closer and makes them feel loved. Pampering your wife is something you can do every day in little ways. Make her favorite beverage, or offer a foot or back rub after a hard day. Draw a bath and add some bubbles or salts, or even take a chore or two off her hands so she can put her feet up.

7. Go out on a date

Dating doesn’t end when you start living together. Regular dates keep your relationship fresh and interesting, and are the perfect opportunity for a little romance. Get a sitter for the night and book a table at her favorite restaurant, or get tickets for a show or movie. Take the time afterwards for a night time walk and a stop for coffee.

Go out on a date

8. Learn her love language

We all speak different love languages. What you think is romantic might not seem romantic for her. Perhaps you think cooking dinner is romantic, but she’d rather go out to eat. Or maybe she’s not into flowers, but loves being surprised with a massage. Get to know her love language and start speaking it. She’ll feel understood and valued.

9. Call a radio station

A radio station message is unexpected, fun, and very romantic. Call in with a message that only she’ll understand, or request a song that means something to you both. You’ll need to do some sleuthing first to find out what radio stations she listens to, and when, so you can time your message just right.

10. Give her some me-time

Spending time together is very romantic, but everybody needs a little me-time. If your wife never gets time to herself, some me-time is a romantic gift that she’ll love. Watch the kids for the night or afternoon and encourage her to spend the time doing whatever she likes. Give her a voucher for a spa treatment, or buy a taster class of something you know she wants to learn, and give her the gift of enjoying some time to herself.

Being romantic isn’t just about the grand gestures. Try these ten easy ways to be romantic to your wife every day and watch your relationship go from strength to strength.