How to Get a Narcissist to Divorce You – Breaking the Conundrum

How to Get a Narcissist to Divorce You - Breaking the Conundrum

When you were getting married, you surely weren’t expecting that you’ll be wondering how to get your narcissistic husband or wife to divorce you. Nonetheless, if you are married to a narcissist, you are probably facing a serious problem of not knowing how to set yourself free of the toxic relationship.

Narcissists are hard to handle but even harder to leave. To understand how to get them to divorce you, you should first understand what makes them tick and explode.

Who is a narcissist?

Narcissism is a personality disorder

Narcissism is a personality disorder. That is the first thing you should understand.

If your spouse meets five of the nine diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder, they actually have a psychiatric condition. What makes things even more difficult is the fact that personality disorders are still considered mostly or completely untreatable. It’s just how the person is hardwired.

So, the disorder is diagnosed if the person has a grandiose sense of self-importance and has a sense of entitlement.

They tend to be preoccupied with fantasies about their own self-worth, their incredible intellectual abilities, social status, beauty, power.

They consider themselves unique and believe that they should socialize with those equal to them.

A narcissist requires excessive admiration, while they have no empathy towards others. They exploit people, while they also envy others or believe that others envy them. They’re arrogant and snooty.

But all this doesn’t really come from a place of true self-worth. They’re basically utterly insecure and don’t love themselves, they love their idealized image of themselves.

What makes a narcissist do what they do?

The profound insecurity is what drives both the narcissist and all around them crazy.

They need to do everything that they can to make sure they are in control. Being imperfect means the end of the world to them, it’s just unacceptable. That also means that you can’t be imperfect either you’re their spouse!

The same applies to their children, unfortunately.

To protect themselves from having to accept their human limitations, and the fact that they’re just not that impeccable, they use defence mechanisms that are destructive to others. They also don’t really feel that much empathy,  some feel none.

The combination of the lack of empathy and the inability to accept that people and themselves are a wholesome mix of both good and bad is what makes living with them a hell.

Why don’t narcissist want to let you go?

A narcissist needs a constant validation and control

After years of emotional, and sometimes, physical abuse, one might wonder why a narcissist just won’t let the spouse go. They obviously don’t love their husband or wife, not in a healthy way.

They downgrade them so much that the spouse also came to believe that they’re the most horrible being on the planet Earth. Why don’t narcissist want to let you go?

So, why they just won’t leave you alone?

As we already mentioned, although they have an apparel of the king or the queen of the world, they are basically very insecure.

Their attachment style is insecure. They need constant validation and control.

They cannot allow someone else to control the situation, and they need not get dependent on anyone.

In essence, narcissists don’t care what’s good for anyone but themselves. Including your children. This is why they won’t stop anywhere, and won’t avoid conflict, intimidation, abuse, blackmail, manipulation if they feel that they’re not being treated as they want to. Which is usually the case.

How to get your narcissistic spouse to let you go?

Now you might a clearer image on why they won’t let the divorce be an easy and amicable process. They feel entitled to something else than what’s best for everyone. When they hear compromise, they really think unfair.

They don’t know the middle road, they don’t accept concession.

If you want out and they don’t, for any reason, they will find ways to drag the process forever. The longer and the more difficult it becomes, the more they get to play the victim or whatever pleases their self-image. They might also escalate in their abusive behavior when they see that you’re serious about the divorce.

There isn’t really a cookie-cutter approach to this problem

There isn’t really a cookie-cutter approach to this problem, which is why we aren’t offering a set of recommendations.

What you should do, given the possible complications of your separation, is to arm yourself with professionals and family and friends for support.

Set boundaries and limit your contact with your spouse.

Hire an experienced divorce attorney, prepare your way out, get a therapist. Document everything that you can, so that you can prove your claims at court. You might also need to be sneaky.

Think of ways to let your soon-to-be-ex believe that they won. It might be difficult to do but be creative and hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

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