Benefits of Marriage Counseling Before Divorce | Benefits of Marriage Counseling Before Divorce |

Benefits of Marriage Counseling Before Divorce

Benefits of Marriage Counseling Before Divorce

Statistics show that less than 10% of the divorcing couples seek therapy, but benefits of marriage counseling before divorce are numerous.

There are two kinds of couples going through the process of divorce counseling. The first couple has a mutual understanding of the problem and gladly visit therapy. The other couple is what therapists call mixed-agenda and means that one of the partners refuse to go for counseling. They might not accept the other partner’s idea for divorce, the idea of counseling, or simply don’t think that counseling will give them any benefits.

However, going to therapy is proven to be helpful. In fact, 97% of couples who visited therapy regarding their marital problems admitted that counseling was somehow helpful.

If you still can’t decide whether you should seek marriage counseling before the divorce, here are five reasons to do it:

1. You will be sure whether you need or you don’t need a divorce

A lot of couples go to therapy to help them recover their marriage, but end up divorcing. Someone would say that the therapy didn’t work, but it’s actually the opposite of that. In many cases, the partners are trying to fix their relationship and what they should really do is get a divorce. Partners don’t realize that some bonds were not meant to be fixed, and some people don’t function the same when they are single and in marriage.

A good therapist will show you how to fix your marriage, and if he or she realizes that a divorce is a better option for both partners, then he or she will tell you exactly that.

2. You will learn how to communicate and understand your partner

Methods that are used in therapy are most often based on communication. Counseling will help you learn how to talk, and understand your partner. Learn his or her needs, wishes, emotions and issues.

This is what marriage counseling is all about. Most of the couples coping with problems that can’t be resolved by themselves lack communication, so basically learning how to talk to each other resolves marriage problems and then the divorce is no longer needed.

3. You will secure better future for your children

Managing partner’s communication will resolve another problem, Kids. Kids suffer the most in every dysfunctional family. When parents argue, children absorb their behavior and make it their own, which will cause serious problems for them in life as adults.

Learning how to communicate peacefully will help the children grow up as healthy individuals.

4. You will save money

Yes, counseling will cost you some, but if you put it into perspective you will see that counseling saves you money in the long run. How? Well, resolving problems in marriage and not dealing with divorce later is definitely going to save you money since divorce is much more expensive than marriage therapy.

Also, getting help, in the beginning, can be more effective for your health and you will get back on track very fast. Waiting and not receiving therapy will lead to more problems that will need more counseling hours, more complex methods and thus, spending more money.

5. You will be happier

All couples who were living with their partner before getting married know that it’s an unwritten rule that marriage changes things. Somehow, we get used to the everyday boring routines, we lose friends one by one, and no matter how much we love our significant other, we fall into a mood that is almost depression.

Talking to a therapist will remind us how we used to be full of life, and he or she will help us find that joy and happiness in marriage once again. Living with a life partner doesn’t mean there is no more fun, and a good therapist will show you exactly that.

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