5 Big Benefits of Marriage Infidelity Counseling

Marriage Infidelity Counseling

You might have read that as much as half of all marriages will ultimately end in divorce. And why is that? There are actually a myriad of reasons from poor communication and financial strains to intimacy problems and a lack of effort to make the relationship last. Yet one of the leading reasons is actually infidelity. According to many reports, as much as 30-60 percent of marriages will experience infidelity.


That’s why it’s so important to see a marriage counselor. Not only if you and/or your spouse have a serious problem that could threaten your relationship, but in general. One way to look at marriage counselors is they are people who serve as a qualified advocate for your relationship. They are going to provide you with tips and tools to keep your marriage healthy and happy.


If you’re someone who has experienced infidelity within your union, it’s even more important to see a counselor; to get involved in some extensive marriage infidelity counseling. If you’ve thought about it but you’re not totally sure if it’s the right decision for your marriage and situation, here are five big benefits of it that will hopefully convince you to make an appointment as soon as possible.


1. Counseling focuses on the root of infidelity

One of the biggest assumptions that people tend to make when it comes to an affair is that it’s all about the affair when really the affair tends to point to other blaring issues within the relationship. A marriage counselor is going to be able to ask the kinds of questions that will help you and your spouse to discover what was going on within the marriage; things that ultimately resulted in an affair.


2. You need a safe place to talk about it

Trying to contain your affair to the point that no one knows about it is unhealthy on a myriad of levels. At the same time, you need to be confident that you what you do choose to share will be kept in total confidence. A marriage counselor has the professional and moral obligation to not breach your trust. That’s actually something that can provide you with a lot of comfort being that your trust levels are probably very fragile during this time.


3. You also need help in processing your emotions

One of the best things about participating in marriage infidelity counseling is a marriage counselor is solutions-oriented. This means that although they will certainly encourage you to talk about how you feel and even encourage you to experience sadness and anger, they are not going to want you to stew in those emotions. A marriage counselor is going to provide you with effective strategies for how to both express as well as process your emotions. That way, you can work through your feelings and then make a decision about your marriage that is not based on how you feel about the affair but what you ultimately desire for your marriage.


4. It can help you to figure out what’s next

It’s understandable why, after an affair, sometimes all that the couple can think about is the affair itself. But there’s going to need to come a time when you’ll need to make a decision about what’s next. If you decide to stay together (which would be awesome!), a marriage counselor can provide you with some effective steps for taking your marriage beyond the affair. And then making it so much stronger.


5. It can help you to avoid affairs in the future

Going to see a counselor about an affair is not just so that you can work through the affair. It’s also so that you and your spouse can come up with ways to prevent an affair from happening again. And that may actually be the best reason of all to see a counselor about this issue. To know that there’s someone in your corner who is qualified to help you get your marriage on track is time (and money) well spent. For this reason, please make it a priority to see a marriage counselor—soon.

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