Saving Money for Your Marriage: 5 practical Tips to Cut Wedding Costs

Saving Money for Your Marriage

When considering how to save money for marriage, consider the wedding you plan to have, and know your target.  A wedding can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred thousands. Saving money for a wedding can get challenging but be realistic. Your wedding will be special no matter how much you spend. Figure out how to keep your costs down, then set your target. When cutting costs down, you need to understand that every aspect of a wedding can be improvised with an alternative.


Here are a few ways to save money for your marriage.  

1.  Dress/attire

If you aren’t too particular about the attire, you can go to a consignment shop, or even websites that specialize in the sale or rental of gowns, tuxedos and other wedding attire.  The size of your wedding party will definitely factor into cost.  Remember you don’t have to have a large wedding party to make it classy; nor do you need a designer dress.

2.  Music

Do you know a DJ?  You may put out  a craigslist ad or look into your local college or radio station to find DJs that are excited to work inexpensively as part of their professional development.  Be sure to check credentials and background; and do an audition or check out one of their events.

3.  Self-Made

Depending on your personal skills and talents, there is likely at least one aspect of the wedding you can work at yourself,’which will eliminate need somewhere. For example, making your own décor can be simple and fun and can save you thousands.  If you’re a cook, something that can be made and frozen, or refrigerated a few days ahead might save from ordering food  or hiring a chef.

4.  Photos

Do you know a photographer?  Another great opportunity  for the students out there, or your cousin who loves photography and has a high end camera.

5.  The invitation list

The number of guests will be key in terms of what you will expect to spend.  The size of the venue, amount of food, gifts, champagne, and chairs for them will add up, growing in cost with each person you invite.  Revise your invitation list accordingly. Many brides have been happy with smaller parties, as they can be very memorable and are often very classy.


Web  information is prolific in this topic, and there are also books that give very practical and creative advice as to how you can save money for marriage and cut wedding costs. Get creative and consider some of your own alternatives, too.