How to Save Your Marriage

At the core of shame are deep feelings of inadequacy

Can Trial Separation Help in Saving a Relationship?

For many couples, the thought of having a divorce can shake them to their bones. When things stop working out …

4  min read

A Suffering Marriage? Turn It Around into a Happy Marriage

Are you in a dysfunctional marriage? Is it a lack of communication skills, or something else? Is it possible that …

By David Essel

Counselor, M.S| 9  min read

Here are 9 red flag warning signs, that tell us to just say no, to marriage

4 Crucial Tips to Get Your Broken Marriage Fixed

Every marriage hits a rough spot, but if you work hard it can be fixed. Or so we’re told. Unfortunately, …

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How separation works

Things to Consider Before Giving up on Your Marriage

When you’ve been with your spouse for a long time, love grows, and love fades. You won’t believe me when …

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Steps to Save a Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Steps to Save a Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Do you ever get a feeling that your marriage is falling apart?  Does it feel like the efforts you are …

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You’re mad at them and are more likely to assume that they are doing things just to piss you off

Can One Person Really Save a Crappy Marriage

There are more marriages that are dysfunctional and unhealthy then there are marriages that are thriving in today ’s society. …

By David Essel

Counselor, M.S| 7  min read

Challenges to Face When Living Alone After Divorce

5 Signs Your Wife Is Unhappy and How to Fix Your Relationship

Ever marital relationship faces its ups and downs and develops well through a series of quarrels, misunderstandings, and issues. However, …

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Parenting Marriage

Parenting Marriage- An Option to Consider Prior to Divorce

What to do when you longer connect on the same level as your spouse? What to do when you think …

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We’ve all been guilty of losing our temper from time to time

Bad Marriage – Find out Whether to Stick or Twist

Defining a bad marriage can be tricky. For one person it might mean experiencing an unhappy marriage. For another person, …

5  min read

Save Your Marriage with Biblical Wisdom

Save Your Marriage with Biblical Wisdom

Desperate to give my marriage one last chance, I cried out to God for help. I particularly needed to know …

By Gail Kuppan

Writer| 2  min read

Try to mend your marriage

How to Save a Marriage on the Brink of Divorce – 4 Simple Steps

If you wonder how to save your marriage from the brink of divorce, you’re on the right path already. Just …

4  min read

Before you move on, agree on eliminating aggression, affairs, and addictions from your relationship

How to Fix Marriage Problems Before It’s Too Late – In 4 Steps

Couples usually visit a psychotherapist with a question how to fix marriage problems before it’s too late. In some cases, …

4  min read

How to Rebuild a Marriage: Here’s an 7-Step Rescue Plan

Marriage is an intimate legal relationship that’s respected all around the world. Trust holds great importance in turning an unhappy …

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