Tips on Determining Relationship & Marriage Compatibility

Tips on determining relationship and marriage compatibility

Couples considering marriage would often like to access their marriage compatibility. Being compatible certainly increases the chance of having a long lasting and successful marriage in which both parties are happy and fulfilled. Of course you can take a relationship compatibility quiz but the best way to determine compatibility is by taking a close look at the relationship. When many hear compatible they think ‘same’. Two people with a lot in common are not necessarily compatible. In order for two people to be a good match they must complement one another. Both parties are like puzzle pieces. In order for two pieces to fit together they cannot be the same but are able to connect and become one.

So how can you determine if you are compatible with your partner or not? Here are some pointers.

Religion and Spirituality

A successful union does require shared religious/spiritual beliefs for some. Of course couples with different religious and spiritual backgrounds can make it work too but this could be a source of conflict in relationships. This is especially so if a couple decides to have children in the future. There will be instances in which one partner feels as if their beliefs are being ignored or even disrespected. Aside from the problem of differing backgrounds coming to the forefront when children are involved, holidays can result in disagreements along with the topic of converting. Consider all of this and decide what works for your situation. Keep values in mind as well. Shared values create a strong relationship foundation and can override religious differences.


Everyone lives different lifestyles and some just do not match up. When looking for a mate, you want to find someone that lives life at the same pace you do. Not everyone is suited for a fast paced life and others are bored with one that moves more slowly. These differences may seem exciting now but decide whether lifestyle differences will work in the future. For some, it works just fine while others just can’t deal. In most cases, life tempo is a non negotiable. Marriage is about sharing a life. It is easier to do that when both parties are moving at the same speed.


When it comes to love compatibility, ambition matters. Partners do not have to be headed in the same direction but ambition and motivation should be similar. When a couple consists of one super ambitious individual and one that is not as driven, conflicts can arise. Soon enough someone may start to feel neglected, left behind or the ambitious individual may want to change their partner. Those who are ambitious obviously value that trait so being with someone who lacks that can leave a person feeling unfulfilled.

Love Language

We all have a different love language. Some are more outwardly affectionate while others show their love with subtle expressions. If you and your current love are not on the same page now, once you are married and run into challenges the two of you may end up on completely different bookshelves. The time to gauge this is certainly not when a relationship is new. The newness and excitement in the early stages of a relationship mask the truth. As time goes by, ask yourself whether you understand your partner’s love language and if they understand yours.

Money and Finances

A major source of conflict in marriage is money. Although a huge issue, couples tend to overlook it until finances become a problem. Rather than avoiding the conversation because it is a sensitive and uncomfortable topic, approach it the best way you can. Discuss the topic like adults and encourage openness. When you are open and honest, that is likely all the encouragement your partner needs to do the same. From there, access the situation and observe. With careful observation it is easy to get an idea of how a person handles his/her money without being intrusive.

Are Quizzes Accurate?

The purpose of taking a relationship compatibility quiz is purely to gain insight. There is not a 100% accurate method to measure relationship compatibility but a simple quiz will encourage couples to take a closer look at their relationship and better understand the dynamics of the partnership. If you do decide to take one with your partner, do not take it too seriously but consider the results. They can identify pressure points in a relationship that should be addressed.


Find out how compatible you and your partner are!


All in all, no relationship is perfect. Your relationship does not have to hit all the marks mentioned but rather, the ones that matter to you and your partner. When thinking marriage, the biggest commitment of a person’s life, it is wise to consider the level of compatibility in these vital areas.