Rules for a Healthy Relationship

Rules for a Healthy Relationship

Engaging yourself in a relationship is probably the most complicated yet most simple thing to do. As it is said, humans cannot thrive in solitude of mind, emotions, body and spirit. We must engage ourselves in relationships from time to time. It might be a casual relationship or the kind of relationship that involves deep romantic love and affection for each other.

Love is the most studied and it is still the most confusing kind of relationship ever.  Anyways, scientists have proved that there is no medicine to fall in love yet. However, one important thing that scientists have done is provide helpful tips, guidelines, rules, backed by scientific studies, to improve our chances of finding true love and building strong and lasting relationships.

Below are some of the handy rules and guidelines in building healthy, strong and lasting relationships.

1. Express the love you have for your partner physically

To intensify the affections and love you have for each other in a relationship, you have to show it physically. It might be a mere kiss, hug, and peck on the cheeks. The expressions don’t have to be gushy and elaborate at all. Similarly, in secure and long-term relationships, having more romantic sex is often a positive expression of love’s intensity.

Even scientists confirm it that frequent sex could be the answer to maintain feelings of love and happiness that endure over time.

2. Communicate with your partner effectively

Steady and effective communication is a vital component that determines the quality of any relationship. Communicate with each other effectively and grow together in love. The most effective and efficient way to communicate in a relationship is to talk face-to-face.

But in case your partner is not around you, always keep in touch with him or her. This might be through the use of social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter etc and other electronic media like faxes and emails. But we should keep in mind that calling, texting, Skyping, and the likes are OK, but communicating through electronic means does not provide relationship satisfaction as much as face-to-face communication.

3. Do not cheat

It is in the natural composition of humans to be attracted to more than one person. But this does not warrant you to cheat on your partner. Even if you are bored of the relationship, spunk it up or else walk out of it. You should not cheat on your partner because he/she is not fun to be with or you do not enjoy his or her company anymore. Make sure you tell your partner clearly that you’re not happy with the way things are between the two of you, and sort it out, or else, walk out of the relationship.

4. Pamper each other

You have to take care of each other if you don’t want others to take care of your partner on your behalf. If you are not there for someone, there are chances someone else will be there for them. So, either take care and pamper your partner, or don’t get offended later if someone replaces you in their life. It can be through buying of unexpected gifts for your partner, opening and holding the door for her, helping him or her financially when need be.

5. Learn to give space to each other

Even the closest of relationships need some elbow room to miss each other from time to time.

No matter how much you adore and love each other, every couple needs a little alone time. It is best to understand each other and how much space and privacy both of you require in a relationship, and to give each other that space and privacy.

Giving your partner little space and smothering them every time in the relationship is just as bad as giving them too much space and coming across as distant. In order words, give your partner the space he or she deserves.

6. Never shy away from positive criticism

Don’t try to sugar coat things in a relationship, if you don’t like whatever your partner is doing in the relationship, tell them. Relationships are meant to be enjoyed not endured. Don’t bottle up your disgust or hate for what your partner is doing. As long as you say it in a constructive manner, it’ll help you and your partner become better person.

7. Don’t argue in the public

Don’t try to belittle your partner in public; don’t prove them wrong in front of other people. Always support your partner in public no matter what. Don’t try to make your partner feel bad or look bad in public

If your partner says the earth is flat, don’t argue with him in public but when you get to home or somewhere private, you can now explain and tell him or her that he or she was wrong. Respect your partner wholeheartedly.

8. Compliment each other

Complimenting each other is one of the best ways to thank a special someone for the effort they have taken for you, for being there for you and most of all for loving you. No matter how small it may be. It can be form of sweet words or giving each other gifts.