Gifts for Your Husband or Beau: Valentine’s Day Edition

Gifts for Your Husband or Beau: Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it ladies, men are hard to shop for. There are a lot of choices out there but the problem is choosing something that your guy will actually like. The key to shopping for men is buying something he will find useful. That is the key to shopping for men, functionality. If the gift doesn’t serve a purpose, that probably isn’t the gift you want to buy. In addition to selecting a purposeful gift, it should also be a quality gift that shows you care.


For this reason, it’s also important to choose a gift with meaning. Maybe it supports one of his hobbies, interests or is just something you know he needed or wanted but never purchased for himself. At this point the wheels are likely turning in your mind. You probably have a few ideas but could use some help.


Below you will find 10 amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Whether you are in search of a gift for your beau or Valentine’s Day gifts for husband, you’re covered.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Cuff Links

If you have snagged a dapper dude, gift him with a pair of cuff links. Men that enjoy looking their best love cuff links. They are a fun way for guys to add a touch of personality to their look in a very stylish yet subtle way. To make sure you select a pair he will like, stick with a 10 mm size (large cuff links are overwhelming), an attractive finish (antique brass or gold is always nice) and a pair that fits his personal style.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend


Grooming Kit

Not only is a grooming kit a high end selection on the list of Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend but it’s something he will use everyday. When shopping around, look for kits that contain great products. If you really want something impressive, look for small businessesthat specialize in men’s grooming. Their kits often contain luxurious additions like beard oil, various balms, handmade soaps and more. Men should be pampered too.


Flasks are becoming a fashion accessory for men and there are so many attractive ones available. Now flasks are given a lot more style and go beyond providing men with a dignified way to take a drink while out on the town. Along with the shiny stainless steel construction we are used to, brands are now wrapping flasks in leather, adding cool designs, faux wood finishes, custom engravings and more.

A Tasty Treat

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all. This Valentine’s Day, gift your special guy with a tasty treat. You can go all out and cook him dinner or go for brownies, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops or something decadent like a chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend


A Touching Card

A lot of guys just want to be on the receiving end of a few sweet words from their girl. Find the right card (card companies are really stepping up their game) and make it your own by hand writing a few sweet lines before gifting it to your boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husband

Boudoir Photo

After giving him this gift you will be dubbed the best wife ever! Men love it when their wives do something extra special for them and when that something special is a sexy photo, you have a gift they will treasure forever. When setting up the photoshoot, keep his likes and dislikes in mind, especially when deciding what to wear. Even more importantly, get creative. Instead of just lingerie, you might want to mix in a band t-shirt (wear his favorite), football jersey or go in a vintage pinup direction. Be daring but keep it classy and be confident in front of the camera.

Lighted Grilling Tongs

Men love these. If you are married to a man attached to his grill, gift him with a pair of lighted grilling tongs. These come in handy when doing some outdoor grilling and entertaining well into the evening. When the sun goes down, there’s no reason to stop cooking. These provide just enough light for your husband to see what he’s doing, avoid injury and show off his skills.

A Nice Watch

If you want to treat the hubby to something really nice, invest in a high end watch. Chances are, he has gifted you with some beautiful pieces in the past so reciprocate that generosity. Consider his personal style and invest in a designer piece that will put a smile on his face. If working with a budget, avoid any kind of silver or gold plating (they rub off after a while) and choose fabric or rubber straps over imitation leather (they will show little to no wear).

Valentine’s Day Gift for Husband

Lounge Chair

Guys like to lounge when they have a moment to relax. Treat your love to a chair he can call his own. Make sure it is super comfy, reclines and fits him to a tee. This gift is not only sweet but since you are making the selection you can choose one that ties in with the other furniture in the living room.

Beer/Wine Club Subscription

Last but not least on the list of Valentine’s Day gifts for husband is a beer or wine club subscription. Simply purchase the subscription and you have an incredible gift. Now your husband gets to enjoy carefully selected beverages and as a plus, you get to try a few as well.

Valentine’s Day Gift for Husband