Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Lovely Lady

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Lovely Lady

It is about that time of year. February 14th is approaching which means you have to find a gift for that special woman in your life. Of course it’s a little nerve-racking but it has to be done. As long as you put thought into your gift, there is no reason to fear the, “Oh, thank you” response that women give when they receive an item they aren’t thrilled with. To ensure a positive response and make her eyes light up, consider the creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas below.

Something she said she wanted

Is there a better direction to go? Women talk about things they want all the time and throw in a few hints here and there. This is where the skill of listening to your partner comes in. Think back to a time when the two of you were out and she saw something in a store window or came across an item that peaked her interest online. Once you have something in mind, go out and get it! Something she said she wanted, whatever it is, is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her. With this idea the gift isn’t what counts, it is the fact that you listened.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


We’ll always have… scrapbook

If you are in search of creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas, why not pull inspiration from Casablanca and put together a, “We’ll always have…” scrapbook? Think about the relationship and a memorable trip the two of you took together or any other special time spent together. Once you have an idea, gather little bits of nostalgia that can be used in the scrapbook. Lead with your heart when putting this together. The goal is to create a gift that is touching and shows her how much you cherish the relationship.

A love kit

This is a gift and a date rolled into one. Start with a beautiful picnic basket and fill it with a blanket, food, flowers, a bottle of wine and other additions like lovely scented candles as well as something extra special for her like a bracelet, necklace or card. Upon presenting her the gift, lead her to the location of the picnic, get comfortable and enjoy your time together. Going in this direction creates the ultimate Valentine’s Day. She will be so flattered that you went through so much trouble (even though the gift is fairly easy to put together) and your girl will be left with a sweet memento.

A custom song

If your lady is a music lover, write her a custom song or have one written for her. Many freelance songwriters offer this service online and will even record it for a very low fee. Once you have the song, you can either play it for her or perform it yourself.

Candy covered cake

Yeah, candy is pretty basic but if you step away from the box of chocolates and use your creativity, you can create a gift that is both romantic and playful. With the candy covered cake there are several cute Valentine’s Day ideas to choose from. One that adds some whimsy are those colorful heart shaped candies with little messages like, “Be Mine”. Buy a few bags of those and cover a basic cake with them. There is the option of baking the cake yourself or purchasing one at a bakery. Either way, the end result is a great gift (just make sure it’s her favorite flavor). Who doesn’t like cake?

Candy covered cake - Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Pampering kit

In addition to romancing the special woman in your life on Valentine’s Day, gift her with a pampering kit along with a coupon for a massage from you. Women like nothing more than having time to themselves to relax. When shopping around, look for products like bath bombs, scrubs, pretty soaps, face masks, various skin care oils and a fresh, clean eau de toilette.

Tickets to a show

Everyone has a show they would love to see. This may be a theater production, a favorite singer or band. If the tickets are still available and are within your budget, get them! This gift idea is so thoughtful because it puts her interests into consideration.

Handmade jewelry

Shopping small is growing in popularity and many small businesses specialize in handmade jewelry that you cannot find in store. These are unique and often one of a kind pieces that are quite beautiful. Some small businesses are even willing to work with you to create a custom piece. Aside from offering unique pieces and a more personal shopping experience, you can find jewelry at any price point.

Handmade jewelry- Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Something funny

Why not add humor to Valentine’s Day? Those lucky enough to have a woman with a great sense of humor may want to go the funny route. A few funny and creative Valentine’s Day gifts for her include love lotto tickets, a huge teddy bear holding a pillow with a funny message, a witty letterpress card or a humorous piece of art.

A romantic video message

Valentine’s Day is not always ideal. Couples may find themselves away from each other on the 14th but don’t let distance hinder the romance. For your gift, make a romantic video message for your wife or girlfriend. In the video you can list reasons why you adore her or whatever else you see fit. Just be yourself and speak from the heart to create something she will treasure.