7 Tips for Building Intimacy in A Marriage for Newlyweds

Intimacy in A Marriage for NewlywedsThe hope of all soon-to-be or new brides is to have a lasting and fulfilling marriage. It’s easy to get caught up in the romance of it all and believe that your love will conquer all, but that belief can be a little dangerous. Love is, of course, important, but it’s not going to be enough to keep your marriage on track for years to come. Intimacy is key for a happy and satisfying union and contrary to popular belief, intimacy is about more than what happens in the bedroom. Yes, sex is important, but building intimacy in marriage has much to do with what happens outside the bedroom and in your day-to-day together.


Building Intimacy in Marriage and Keeping it

You can get a leg up on that happily ever after by learning how to go about building intimacy in marriage and keeping it. The following tips can help you do just that, giving you a great start and helping you keep the intimacy in your marriage for years to come.


1. Find creative ways to say ‘I love you’

Whisper it in their ear or write it in lipstick on the mirror. No matter how you say it, the impact will be the same. We all want to be loved and nothing can make a person feel better than knowing that they are loved.


2. Flirt

This is something that we do a lot when dating and stop once married. Flirting is fun and can make you both feel good. The person doing the flirting feels sexy, and the person being flirted with feels attractive and wanted, for an instant rush of excitement.


3. Do things for each other

While a massage or romantic dinner is certainly appreciated, even just cleaning their ar or taking on one of their chores can go a long way. By doing something for the other person, you show that you care and have their back. That’s what marriage is all about!


4. Have an adventure together

Run off for a weekend or even just a couple of hours, just the two of you, and do something new. It can be exploring a new town or trying a new activity together. Time spent doing something different gives you a shared experience and heightened sense of excitement.


5. Talk about your dreams and goals

This can be a shared goal, like buying or renovating a house, or a dream that’s all your own. Sharing your hopes and dreams encourages them to do the same which is great for building intimacy in marriage and inspiring each other to live fulfilling lives.


6. Have a ritual that’s just for the two of you

It can be cuddling on the couch with wine and pizza on Friday nights or having coffee at your favorite café on Sunday mornings. Creating a special ritual together bonds you and gives you something special to look forward to no matter how hectic life can get.


7. Date your spouse

Marriage may mean saying goodbye to dating, but it doesn’t mean having to stop enjoying the fun and romantic experiences with your spouse. Make the time to do things that you enjoyed doing together before marriage to avoid falling into a rut and losing that spark and connection that led you to marry in the first place.


One of the biggest complaints from married people is that they don’t feel the same connection with their partner that they did when they were dating. Marriage offers the opportunity to build a whole other kind of intimacy that comes from making the commitment to be together till death do you part. This doesn’t have to replace the connection you had before you said I do, though. Don’t lose sight of the person they fell in love with or the person you fell in love with. Continue to bond over new experiences and have fun together even when life’s responsibilities come into play.