Counseling for Divorce: How to Turn Your Marriage Around

Counseling for Divorce

The United States divorce rate is almost 50%. Seems like a scary number, and one might even ask, how is it possible to have so many divorces when counseling for divorce is so common?

Well, another not so popular number around us is also very important in the story. The rate of saved marriages after the therapy inspired by problems in the relationship is also around 50%. That means that every second couple that agreed to go see a therapist, will save its marriage. Couples that call their lawyers first, and not their therapists, have almost a 100% chance to get divorced because the lawyers simply don’t care about the health of their clients, nor their future.

So, do you want your marriage to be saved? If yes, counseling is the answer.

Why is it important?

Counseling for divorce will give you a clear picture of your situation and what is the real problem in the relationship. Every now and then we do something that we were not supposed to do, but before we did it, we were sure it is the right thing and we can’t go wrong with our decision. It’s exactly the same with our actions in marriage.

It is actually the same with almost everything in our lives. When we think about divorce, the first thing we point as a problem is someone else, and that someone most often is our spouse. We’re simply unable to realize the true meaning of the problem when we argue about something because that is our basic nature. It takes two to tango, and for a separation both partners are responsible.

Of course, infidelity is excluded in the previous statement. When there is cheating involved, it is normal to say the word “divorce” right away, but with that being said, no one should point the problem in the cheater or the cheated exclusively.

There is always a reason for cheating and that reason has a wide range of possibilities.

That’s where counseling for divorce comes into play. Going to a professional is the first step. The best way is the therapist to work with both the partners, but solo therapy is also helpful. Through conversation and known methods, the therapist will help you and your partner in keeping the marriage alive and healthy.

The therapist will help you see the real issues, make you focus on the positive side of your marriage, teach you how to communicate with each other and will light the flame in your relationship once again.

What is important to know is that if you want to keep your marriage, you need to have an open mind about the therapy and trust the therapist’s methods. People who go for counseling, but are hardly even interested in it, will probably get out of it without any benefit.

If you are one of those thinking that counseling for divorce is really a waste of time, just read the beginning of this text and see how many couples saved their marriage because of therapy. Even couples that strongly decided to divorce because of certain reasons, through counseling realized that their problems can be solved and the situation can be overcome.

Last thing to have in mind if you still can’t decide about seeing a therapist are children. It is a proven fact that children who grow in healthy families are happier and will be raised in the best way possible. Children from divorced families have difficulties in different areas of life and are generally more unhappy in later life.