Which Historical Figure Was Your Valentine In A Past Life Quiz?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 242
Which Historical Figure Was Your Valentine In A Past Life Quiz?
Do you feel curious to know who you had been with in your previous live. Take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your Religion?

A. Roman Catholic.

B. Hinduism.

C. Evangelism.

D. None of the above.

2. Do you believe in Reincarnation?

A. Yes, I do, and I know it is true.

B. I don't know, I never experienced it.

C. Actually, I found out that i was a royal blood in my past life.

D. If god is exist, then reincarnation do exist too.

3. If you were a tree, Which kind of tree do you want to be?

A. Cherry blossom

B. Mango

C. Narra

D. Mahogany

4. Are you an Old Fashioned person? or Do you like antiques?

A. I do like their dresses but im not old fashion person

B. Yes, I am indeed a living Old fashion, and my friends call me old hag!

C. No! Im not! I am always updated in new fashion!

D. I don't know if i am, but i am very conservative person

5. Which of these creatures do you want to meet in real life? or do you believe are true?

A. Angels

B. Demons

C. Vampires

D. Werewolves

6. What is your attitude in your relationship?

A. Serious.

B. Demanding.

C. Nagger.

D. Actually, I don't care about my relationships.

7. Which flower seems very beautiful in your eyes?

A. Roses

B. Carnation

C. Cynthia

D. Yellow Bell

8. What kind of Perfume are you familiar with? even you are not using it, but you know exactly how it smells.

A. Floral

B. Musk

C. Ocean

D. Citrus

9. What do you look into your date? she/he must be what?

A. Generous

B. Wise

C. Smart

D. Professional

10. What kind of jewelry do you expect from your Valentine partner?

A. Gold jewelry

B. Diamond jewelry

C. Ruby jewelry

D. Pearl jewelry

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