Which Classic Romance Hero Should Be Your Valentine?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 78 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Which Classic Romance Hero Should Be Your Valentine?
This Valentine's, let’s be classic. Take this quiz and see which of the classic romance heroes you would have been with, had you been born in the same time as them

Questions Excerpt

1. What kind of a person do you like?

A. Weird person.

B. Funny person.

C. Romantic person.

D. Friendly person.

2. What is your ideal date?

A. A candle light dinner with romantic music in the background.

B. I want something new and fun!

C. I like going for a normal date, you know watch a movie and have dinner.

D. I don't go on dates.

3. Which movie will you care to watch?

A. Superman

B. Xmen

C. Crazy,Stupid,Love

D. Ghost

4. What kind of reading you like?

A. Suspense, I like being curious.

B. Romance, I like the feeling of being in love.

C. Adventure, I like exploring things.

D. Historical, I like knowing about our life in past.

5. Which season do you hate the most?

A. Summer

B. Monsoon

C. Spring

D. Winter

6. Which of these makes you feel comfortable?

A. A big bed with many pillows.

B. Lying down on grass.

C. Wearing Jackets and Sweater.

D. Anywhere peaceful and relaxing.

7. Which country do you secretly want to live in?

A. U.S.A

B. U.K

C. Asia

D. Canada

8. Which of the classic things will you buy, if ever?

A. Of course, a classic car

B. I think, a classic watch or clock

C. Violin, even though it is a classic instrument, it still in.

D. I hate old things!

9. What classic love song do you like the most?

A. I can not help falling in love with you - Elvis Presley

B. Your Song - Elton John

C. Greatest love of all - Whitney Houston

D. You are the sunshine in my life - Stevie Wonder

10. Which women's clothing style do you like the most? 

A. Modern style

B. Preppy style

C. Glamorous style

D. Vintage style

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