What Is Your Favorite Valentine Day Quote?

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8 Questions | Total Attempts: 14
What Is Your Favorite Valentine Day Quote?
Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and romance. Would you like to know what’s the best love quote for you this year? Take this quiz and find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you currently in a relationship?

A. Single and still hoping for the right person.

B. I just broke up with that pathetic guy because he cheats.

C. I'm not planning to have one.

D. Still on the getting to know each other process.

2. What is your most liked venue for dates and strolls?

A. I don't like crowds so we usually go to the beach, for a hike or simply have picnics.

B. Drinking beer inside a pub with close friends.

C. My parents are strict so just inside our house with them watching us.

D. Anywhere our feet will bring us.

3. Which present do you prefer the most, flowers or chocolates?

A. Both are fantastic.

B. I am more of a chocolates person.

C. I like flowers because it is too sweet.

D. I don't like either. They remind me of a funeral.

4. Do you have a favorite love song?

A. Everybody has favorite and mine is Love Story by Taylor Swift.

B. I find it stupid but I like Sugar by Maroon 5.

C. I like every song of Adele. It depicts how I was so stupid to fall for the wrong guys.

D. First Love Never Dies. I don't know. I just love that song.

5. How will you feel if your boyfriend will present you to his parents?

A. I'll be delighted.

B. I guess I'll have a nervous breakdown.

C. Normal. I am used with meeting lots of people.

D. I think it's close to the church bells.

6. Can you describe the feeling of being in-love?

A. Unstoppable heartbeat.

B. I haven't been in-love.

C. It feels like puking and lots of butterflies fluttering inside your stomach.

D. Happy.

7. What is your favorite romantic film?

A. OMG! I've got lots in mind but I like The Notebook the most.

B. I am more into horror films.

C. I so love the classic Pretty Woman.

D. I don't know. I seldom watch movie.

8. How long do you think you can make your relationship last?

A. As far as I can go.

B. Sorry but I really don't have a boyfriend.

C. Until forever.

D. I can't still say.

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