What Is Your Communication Style Quiz?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 561
What Is Your Communication Style Quiz?
It is clear that among those you come across every day, some are shy, some are weak, some are strong-minded, and some know how to put their thoughts across. It all depends on how these people perceive and carry themselves and how they impact others with the delivery of their message. As often said, your behavior or character can make or break you and what really counts is how people remember you. So, are Read more you an assertive or passive aggressive person? Take our quiz and find out. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Do people see you as a big brother figure?

A. Yes

B. They must do because they respect you a lot

C. No

D. You wish they did

2. Do people see you as an inspiration?

A. Definitely

B. Sometimes

C. At least you thought they did at some point.

D. No

3. Do people find you too aggressive?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. Most of the time

D. No

4. How many friends do you have?

A. Two

B. One

C. More than two

D. You have none

5. Do you think people like you?

A. Yes, you want to believe that

B. Yes, you want to convince yourself that it is true

C. No.

D. You think they hate you very much

6. Do you think people worship you?

A. Yes.

B. No

C. You suspect they do

D. Why would anyone do that?

7. Do you think people fear you?

A. Yes.

B. You wished they did

C. Why would they fear you? You are a good person.

D. No, not at all.

8. Do people often make jokes about you?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Sometimes

C. Most of the time

D. No

9. Do people follow your directions?

A. Yes, all the time

B. No, they don't

C. You have a hard making sure they do

D. Yes

10. Do people see you as a leader?

A. Yes, they do

B. You want to believe that they do

C. No, they don't

D. Yes, and they always come to you for advice

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