Are You an Empath?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 242
Are You an Empath?

Questions Excerpt

1. You have just met someone with a completely different point of view than you, what do you think of them?

A. I don’t get them at all.

B. I understand that they are different and a bit about why, but I don’t fully see their side.

C. I totally get where they are coming from even if they can’t fully articulate it, that doesn’t mean I necessarily change, but I can understand

2. Have you ever been publicly overwhelmed by emotions without warning?

A. Yes, I find myself suddenly crying in public and I can’t pinpoint why.

B. That would be weird, absolutely not

C. I might feel something suddenly, but I’m quickly able to suppress it before I express it.

3. Can you tell when someone is lying?

A. Easily

B. Almost never

C. Sometimes I get an inkling, but I’m not sure.

4. Do some people just totally drain you?

A. Not really, I find myself really energized around others

B. Not totally, I don’t let it get that bad, but I have to be aware with some people

C. Yes, sometimes I’m with a person and I need to just leave and take a long nap no matter the time of day.

5. A new person enters the room, their eyes are downcast and their arms are crossed over their body, what do you do?

A. Nothing, I probably don’t even notice them.

B. I notice them and clock that they might be a bit upset, but I temper my response, I don’t need to get involved.

C. Oh no! I hope they are okay, I wonder if I should go check in on them, maybe I will, but I can ease into it.

6. You walk into a kinda dirty, dark grimy dive bar. What is your reaction?

A. I need to leave this is a bit overwhelming, I don’t like the vibe

B. This is little gross, but I’m here to meet friends, I’ll get used to it

C. I love dive bars

7. Do you love to spend time in nature?

A. I like a good hike now and then, nature can be very rejuvenating.

B. I wouldn’t say I love it so much as I NEED it, I have to surround myself with beauty sometimes

C. I’d prefer a crowded city street

8. You see an adorable baby in public, how do you react?

A. OHHHHH MYYYYY GAWWWWWDDD!!! A BABY!!! AHHH!!!! SOOOOO CUTEEEE! I can’t take my eyes away.

B. I don’t really notice, I don’t get babies

C. Oh, that’s cute, but I’m not gonna make a big deal, it might make the caretakers uncomfortable.

9. There is a horrific story on the news, how does it affect you?

A. It’s news, I just watch it

B. If it’s really horrific I might be affected some, but I will get through it quickly

C. Sometimes it can ruin my day

10. Your friend is having a problem, who do they turn to?

A. Absolutely, I’m always the first person a friend comes to.

B. Definitely not me

C. Sometimes me, but not all my friends all the time

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