Valentine Trivia Questions

20 Questions | Total Attempts: 17
Valentine Trivia Questions
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Questions Excerpt

1. Why do we Celebrate Valentine’s day on Feb 14 every year?

A. Because of Saint Valentine.

B. Because Cupid was Born

C. The date of the first marriage in the world

D. I don't know

2. Who is Cupid? 

A. The goddess of Love

B. The messenger of God

C. A fallen angel

D. I don't know

3. What is the real name of Cupid?

A. Eros

B. Adonis

C. Juno

D. I don't know

4. What does NOT symbolize Valentine's Day?

A. Snow

B. Rose

C. Dove

D. Chocolates

5. What is the meaning of Red roses on Valentine's Day?

A. Love and Romance

B. Friendship

C. Love at First sight

D. I don't know

6. What is the meaning of Pink Roses?

A. Appreciation

B. Love

C. Gratitude

D. I don't know

7. What about White Roses?

A. Purity

B. Innocence

C. Sympathy

D. I don't Know

8. What is the meaning of Blue rose?

A. The unattainable

B. The impossible

C. The miracle

D. I don't know

9. Green roses means what?

A. Cheerfulness

B. Youth

C. Nature Lover

D. I don't know

10. What is the meaning of Violet Roses?

A. Enchantment

B. Love at first Sight

C. Passion

D. I don't know

11. Who is the wife of Cupid?

A. Psyche

B. Diana

C. Athena

D. I don't Know

12. Who is the Mother of Cupid?

A. Venus

B. Aphrodite

C. Athena

D. I don't know

13. Chocolate manufacturers currently use 40 percent of the world's almonds and 20 percent of the world's__________?

A. Peanuts

B. Cocoa

C. Milk

D. I don't know.

14. What is the most fantastic gift of love in India?

A. Taj Mahal

B. Ghoom Monastery

C. Pashan Garh

D. I dont know

15. Which of these countries do NOT celebrate Valentine’s Day?

A. China


C. Canada

D. Mexico

16. How many Valentine’s card did Juliet recieves from Romeo Every Valentine’s?

A. 1000 Cards

B. 100 Cards

C. 10 Cards

D. I don't know

17. In Victorian times it was considered _________ to sign a Valentine's Day card.

A. Bad luck

B. Lucky Charm

C. Tradition

D. I don't know

18. About 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged each year. That's the largest seasonal card-sending occasion of the year, next to __________?

A. Christmas

B. New Year

C. Birthday

D. I dont know

19. According to a legend, Cleopatra sailed to Rome in a ship full of roses. Why did she do that?

A. So the Romans would know of her arrival before they could see the ship

B. So that she could smell roses while sailing

C. Roses were her favorite flower

D. I don't know

20. People of which profession receive the most cards on Valentine's Day?

A. Teacher

B. Doctor

C. Nurse

D. I don't know

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