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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1788
 Do You Need Couple's Therapy Quiz?
Couple’s therapists say they have worked with all kinds of couples – the good, the bad, and the ugly. These specialists remember how they have seen the good turning to great, the bad becoming good, and the ugly transforming into something surprisingly beautiful. One thing is for sure – relationships don’t improve on their own, and couple therapy can help when things get tough. Some signs that you need couple’s therapy is arguing all the time and spending less passionate time in the bedroom. This quiz will tell you much your relationship needs therapy!

Questions Excerpt

1. Is money an unpleasant topic in your relationship? 

A. Never, we can discuss finances in a relaxed manner

B. We have had just minor disagreements about money

C. We often disagree about money

D. Yes, it is a fire-starter and makes us fight

2. When did you last have sex? 

A. Recently

B. A week ago

C. Maybe a couple of weeks ago, we are busy

D. I can't remember

3. How would you call your romance if it were a movie? 

A. True Romance

B. Crazy, Stupid, Love

C. Fight Club

D. The Exorcist

4. Does your partner help when you are feeling sad? 

A. Yes, they listen to my problems

B. They tell a joke to make me laugh

C. They ignore my feelings

D. They say I am to blame for my problems

5. Your partner is texting repeatedly in the last week. What do you think about it? 

A. Probably more tasks at work

B. I ask them who they are texting, just in case

C. I check their phone at the first opportunity

D. I tell them I suspect infidelity and start a fight

6. How would you describe your relationship? 

A. A rewarding experience and sharing positive feelings

B. A bumpy road with ups and downs - we could put more effort into improving our relationship

C. Too much drama from the arguing and name-calling

D. A nightmare - violence and cheating are always there

7. What of the following represents your goal as a couple? 

A. Staying happy together

B. Enjoying life more

C. Talking without having an argument

D. No common goal, we should better go on separate ways

8. You have a disagreement with your partner – how do you manage the situation? 

A. We talk about it respectfully and listen to each other

B. We argue about it and not reach consensus so we drop it

C. We raise our voices and feel resentment even if we make up

D. Badly - we fight to no end

9. How does a typical evening spend together to look like? rn

A. Cuddling each other, making love

B. Talking about the day

C. Watching TV together

D. Ignoring each other

10. What would you do if you found out your partner cheated on you? 

A. I would have a serious discussion with them and see what happens next

B. I would leave them without thinking too much

C. I would start a big fight and decide later on the outcome

D. I would take revenge on them the nasty way

11. What would you do if your partner hurt you with their actions?

A. I’ll have a discussion with them to express my feelings

B. No use discussing, they will never understand me

C. I may need help from someone else to make them understand

D. I don’t usually face this situation. My partner is very thoughtful

12. If your partner feels hurt, how do they react?

A. They lash out at me everytime

B. They take a break to compose themselves but come back and discuss things

C. Sometimes they start avoiding me

D. I don’t know and I don’t care

13. How’s the balance of give and take between you and your partner?

A. Umm…I think things are pretty balanced

B. Sometimes I think all I do is give and give

C. We both give and take equally

D. Is that a thing? Honestly, not sure about this

14. What’s the one thing your relationship needs the most?

A. Better communication

B. Better sex

C. Not much. It’s great as it is

D. I think we need space from each other

15. I would love to:

A. Better communicate my wants and needs

B. Fight less with my partner

C. Laugh more with my partner

D. Nothing as such

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