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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 101 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Am I the Bad One in the Relationship
Whenever something goes wrong in the relationship, and if your partner is not to be blamed, you tend to ask yourself – "Am I the bad one in the relationship?"rnWell, you could be at fault. But, it is even possible that you are going hard on yourself!rnTake this quick quiz to know if you are the bad one in the relationship or if it's just in your head.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who is the first one that congratulates anniversaries and other important dates?

A. Me, of course, I remember everything!

B. My soulmate, they are awesome!

C. Phone apps

2. Are you aware of the favorite TV-show of your soulmate?

A. I don’t remember/ I have never been interested in knowing

B. Game of Thrones (especially Red Wedding episode)

C. Yes I do, because I hardly get a chance to get hold of the remote.

3. How do you both prefer to spend Valentine’s Day?

A. We celebrate in a way that we both enjoy.

B. I always come up with amazing ideas, and they never say no!

C. I always look forward to doing something exciting, but my partner succeeds in making it as ordinary as any other day!

4. Do you stealthily check each other’s messages?

A. Yes, I do.

B. Never, why would we?

C. I don’t, but I have caught them checking mine.

5. Do you think about anyone else during sex?

A. Yeah, the neighbor is too sexy

B. No, why would I?

C. Once, my partner had called out someone else’s name during the climax/ My partner asks me to be like the ones they watch in movies.

6. Would you compromise if your partner asked you to do so?

A. Yes, if it is for the greater good, I will!

B. Never, I don’t compromise at all.

C. He always asks me to, in fact, I should be asking him this question!

7. When you are angry with your partner, how do you behave?

A. I try to overcome my anger in silence

B. I lose control on my words/ I take my anger out on someone/something else

C. He turns the tables and blames me instead!

8. Do you entertain each other’s friends?

A. Yes, we do.

B. No, I don’t like their friends

C. He prefers to ignore my friends!

9. How much do you expect from your partner to earn within a year?

A. My partner should be able to buy anything I want anytime I ask

B. I have no expectations in particular. He is doing his best!

C. More than I do, he expects me to keep earning more and more.

10. Do you take each other’s opinion regarding important decisions?

A. Yes, we do.

B. I don’t feel the need to consult with my partner, or anyone, for that matter.

C. I am the last one to know about my partner’s decisions.

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