11 Signs You’re in a Bad Relationship

11 Signs You're in a Bad Relationship

When you’re in a new relationship everything your partner does seem amazing, yet your friends and family don’t seem to be wearing the same rose-colored glasses as you are. Does your relationship build you up or tear you down? A great relationship should make you feel over the moon, not like you’re walking on eggshells. A bad relationship isn’t always easy to spot, especially when you are in it. Here are 10 signs you’re in a bad relationship that needs to be ended.

1. You don’t feel built up

If you would rather confide in a total stranger about an achievement in your life rather than your mate, you can take it as a very bad sign for your relationship. Relationships should make you feel good about yourself. You should be encouraged to pursue your goals. When you are down, your partner should be there to lift you up back and make you smile. You should be able to tell your partner anything and expect support and encouragement. Needless to say, if you aren’t getting these things, this is one of the signs you’re in a bad relationship.

2. Your emotional needs aren’t met

Being stimulated emotionally is essential for a healthy, happy relationship. You need to know you can have satisfying conversations with your partner. Emotional needs range from the reassurance that your partner cares for and respects you for needing to retain some freedom and independence. When these needs aren’t met it can cause you to feel depressed or controlled.

3. You are not financially stable

Money isn’t everything, but you do need it to pay the bills. When both parties in a relationship are acting as partners financially, it takes the burden and stress off of each individual. When you are not financially stable it leads to arguments, anxiety, and resentment.

4. Putting up with a lot just for sex

If you find that you are putting up with a lot of nonsense just for the chance to have sex with your partner, you are definitely in the wrong relationship. A healthy relationship will fulfill your physical and emotional needs, not make you feel berated only to reward submissive behavior with intercourse.

5. Unbalanced give and take in the telationship

One of the signs you’re in a bad relationship is when you give, give, give, and your partner takes, takes, and takes in return. Relationships have to be “give and take” from both parties, otherwise, you will experience a romantic-burnout very quick.

6. Your physical needs aren’t met

Sex is important in a relationship. Wanting more or less of it doesn’t make you a bad person. These are your physical needs and you want your partner to accept and respect them. If your partner is not meeting your physical needs or putting forth the effort to make sure you are sexually satisfied, you are in a bad relationship. With a selfish lover, to boot!

When sexual desires aren’t fulfilled, you are looking for trouble. You may start to resent your mate and may even start looking outside the relationship for gratification. Avoid this relationship pitfall by talking openly and honestly at the beginning of your relationship about your sexual expectations.

7. You ignore your gut instinct

The phrase “Listen to your gut” is out there for a reason. You can tell a lot about your needs and desires by simply listening to your instincts. If you feel your mate isn’t treating you well, odds are you’re right. By ignoring your personal judgements about someone you may be forcing yourself to stay in an unhappy or abusive relationship.

8. You’re contemplating an affair

One of the signs that you’re in a bad relationship is when you are so sick of your partner that you begin contemplating having an affair. That’s not to say all people have affairs because they are in poor relationships, but it certainly is a reason. When you are so bored or unhappy that you are fantasizing about starting up with someone else and are indifferent to betraying your partner’s trust, it’s time to get out.

9. You rationalize bad behavior

If you are being mistreated by your partner by being spoken down to or are being physically abused and excuse it with a: “She was just having a bad day” or “It was wrong, but he seems really sorry” you are in a bad relationship. Your partner should never speak down to you, even during an argument. A healthy relationship will make you feel loved and secure, no matter what the two of you are going through. Excusing bad behavior is much like lying to yourself. Sure, you can tell yourself that your car doesn’t have a flat tire, but the truth is you aren’t going anywhere.

10. You Are Always Fighting

Constant arguments are a sign that you and your partner cannot communicate, show respect, or compromise. Sure, it’s normal for couples to fight. In small doses it can actually be healthy and improve a couple’s communication process. But if you find that you are constantly fighting you are probably not in a healthy relationship. Fighting every day is not normal and can be a destructive pattern for couples.

11. Lying to your friends and family

One of the key signs that you are in a bad relationship is when you begin lying to your friends and family about what’s going on in your life. Much like rationalizing bad behavior, you likely don’t want those close to you to know about the actual goings on of how your relationship functions. If you are worried that your friends will think you are being mistreated, odds are that is the truth of the matter.

If you are experiencing one or more of the qualities on this list, these are flashing signs you’re in a bad relationship. You deserve to be with someone who supports you and makes you feel special. Don’t sell yourself short by allowing someone to take you for granted.