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  • Here is a collection of the worst breakup excuses ever given by guys

    The 12 Worst Breakup Excuses Ever Given by Men

    Here is a collection of the worst breakup excuses ever given by guys

    If you have been on the dating scene long enough, you have heard one or two breakup excuses. From the most honest “I just am not attracted to you anymore” to the worst—when a guy just disappears without even making an excuse (called “ghosting”), there are as many breakup excuses out there as there are couples breaking up.  

    Here is a collection of the worst breakup excuses ever given by guys

    1. The classic:  It’s not you, it’s me

    This is probably the most-used breakup excuse there is. Guys use this excuse so much because it helps them not feel guilty about breaking up with you. Even though it’s a bad excuse, it is actually spot-on.  When a man makes the decision to end a relationship, is it always about him, and never about you. Think about that and you won’t feel so bad.

    2. I’m just not ready to be in a relationship

    This is a veiled way of saying “I don’t want to be in a relationship with you.”  Because you can be sure that when that guy does meet the woman of his dreams, he will be completely ready to be in a relationship.  You weren’t that woman, but don’t be sad. You are definitely the woman of someone else’s dreams, so keep on dating.

    This is a veiled way of saying “I don’t want to be in a relationship with you

    3. We no longer want the same things

    This is just a more polite way to say “I’m bored in this relationship.”  A better way to approach boredom and routine when you are in a relationship that you have invested in?  Instead of just breakup up, why not try talking about ways you can spice things up and grow together?

    4. We’ve got different star signs.  This will never work out

    Do you really want someone who would dictate his love life according to his astrological sign?  No, you don’t. You would be doing yourself a favor by nodding “yes” when he uses breakup excuses and finding yourself a partner who bases love on more earthbound ideals.

    5. You deserve more than what I can give you

    The excuse shows a lot about how the guy views himself. He probably recognizes that he is just throwing crumbs your way anyway.  Listen to him – you do deserve more than him.  Now go out and find a man who treats you like the princess you are!  

    6. I’m not ready/I’m scared to commit to you

    When a man shows you who he really is, believe him. This guy is telling you something that you should tune in to. He is commitment-phobic. Your love will never change this, and he will probably remain commitment-phobic in all his relationships. Do not stay around trying to convince him that he should invest in your relationship.  That would be a waste of your time, energy and your innate goodness. You’ll find someone who is 100% open to what you have to offer, and when the time is right, he will commit to you without any second thoughts.

    I’m not readyI’m scared to commit to you

    7. Breaking up by text or email

    This is more common that you probably thought, 56% of breakups now happen via text message. It’s unbelievable, but yes, there are guys who just can’t breakup with you in person. It robs you of the chance to discuss or try to work out whatever is causing conflict in the relationship.  But it also shows you the type of guy you were dating, so it is a blessing in disguise. Who wants to be in a relationship with a guy so cowardly he cannot even breakup with you in person? Not you!

    8. I need some breathing room in this relationship

    In other words, he wants to see other women but cannot admit this to you.  Let him go. Do not even try and hang on to this guy—he’ll just take advantage of you and your faithful love, and eventually leave you for some other woman he was “breathing” with.

    9. I like you too much, and this scares me

    What kind of response is this guy expecting?  “It’s ok. Just like me less so it isn’t so scary.”?  A normal man would be thrilled to feel such an outpouring of love for his partner.  This is just another bad breakup excuse designed to make you feel good about the breakup but it actually leaves you scratching your head, wondering what is really being said.

    10. I don’t want to see you anymore.  We want different things

    This is not a half-bad excuse, but it doesn’t recognize that it is perfectly legitimate to want different things in a relationship.  In fact, having separate interests is actually relationship-enhancing.  

    I don’t want to see you anymore

    11. I’m going off to school/work in another state

    Some guys think that they can’t manage a long-distance relationship so they end things before they even try.  What they don’t realize is that there are some great techniques out there to make long-distance relationships work well.   You might want to research some of these and suggest them if your guy uses this excuse to break up with you.  Of course, if he is reluctant to even be open to the long-distance relationship suggestion, you will know this is just a bad breakup excuse; he was actually just looking for a way out of the relationship and this upcoming move was the perfect opportunity.

    12. I think I’m still not over my ex

    While this excuse sounds reasonable, it is actually just an excuse to break up with you.  A guy who is totally into you can still have some feelings for an ex but put these aside because he wants to learn what you are all about and be in your company.  Again, this is an excuse that is well-intentioned; he doesn’t want you to be hurt, but it remains what it is – a breakup excuse.

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