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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 14 | Updated: Apr 04, 2022
 How Well Do You Deal With Breakups Quiz?
Here is the ‘How Well Do You Deal With Breakups’ quiz! There is no doubt that breakups are difficult. It's normal to feel bad about a breakup you did not initiate or didn't want to happen. It's not uncommon to think about your ex-partner, look at their pictures, and wish for things to be the same as they were. Some people, however, are naturally more resilient than others. They are able to easily get over their breakup Answer the question in this test as this will assist you in analyzing your own response to a breakup!

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you approach meeting new people?

A. I'm going to stop dating for a while and spend time with myself

B. I'll date people, but nothing serious

C. I only do hookups; no emotions are involved

2. Do you stalk social media for signs of what your ex is up to?

A. No, even if I want to, I refuse to look

B. I occasionally check my ex's social media pages

C. I can't stop myself from obsessively stalking their social media

3. Do you ever want to change something about your appearance after a breakup?

A. I cut or dye my hair

B. I change the way I dress or get a whole new wardrobe

C. I get a tattoo

4. Have your eating habits changed after the breakup?

A. Depends

B. I’ve been having more junk food, ice cream, etc.

C. No, I haven't noticed much of a difference in my eating habits

5. Do you hook up with people to get over someone?

A. No, I cope with a breakup in other ways

B. I only have one rebound to hook up with

C. Yes, I'll hook up with a lot of people to distract myself from my ex

6. Do you compare yourself against the next person your ex decides to date or get involved with?

A. Indeed. How could you not? It's something I do all the time

B. Yes, and because they downgraded me, it's always a big boost to my self-esteem

C. I might be a little concerned at first, but then I couldn't care less

7. Do you spend a significant amount of time allowing yourself to be upset?

A. I spend a significant amount of time crying and mourning the end of the relationship

B. It comes in waves, but I try to ride them out as best I can

C. For a few weeks, I'll allow myself to be visibly upset, but then I force myself to act as if everything is fine

8. Do you believe you won't be able to move on until you've received closure?

A. I occasionally wonder what happened, but it doesn't keep me awake at night

B. Yes, I obsess internally about what went wrong and why it ended

C. No, if it's done, it's done

9. Do you make an effort to maintain relationships with all of your ex's friends and family?

A. Yes, I make every effort to keep them in my life

B. Maybe on social media, but not in real life

C. No, it only makes getting over my ex more difficult

10. Lastly, do you ever blame yourself for a breakup?

A. Yes, on occasion. But only so I can figure out what I need to work on for my next relationship

B. Yes, I'm always thinking about what I could've done better and whether we'd still be together if I'd done those things

C. No way, it's always their fault

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