What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve In Dating Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 23 | Updated: Mar 15, 2022
 What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve In Dating Quiz?
Has the relationship been going well? When we are with our partners, we go into their lives, daily regimens, and thoughts. We see how our partners behave and what their ticks are. Some of them leave you unbothered the majority of the time, and others do things that could probably aggravate you, creating personal pet peeves. This quiz will try to guess what your biggest pet peeve is in the dating world.

Questions Excerpt

1. What does your partner often do that ticks you off?

A. Leaves you on read in texting

B. Mentions their ex

C. Tell their friend about a secret you told them

2. When you text your partner, what do they often do?

A. Not responding to messages

B. Their past relationships

C. Talk about secrets or personal things

3. What does your partner do the most each week?

A. Text, but they don't respond often

B. Recall past memories

C. Tell their friends my secrets

4. What would anger you the most?

A. Someone ignoring me

B. Someone making me jealous

C. Someone being unloyal

5. What's the most important aspect of a relationship?

A. Personality

B. Commitment

C. Trust

6. What is a habit your partner has?

A. Not being on time

B. Not reading the room

C. Not holding a secret

7. Do you consider your partner to be punctual or on time?

A. Not really

B. Yes

C. Somewhat

8. Is your partner loyal?

A. Somewhat

B. Yes

C. No

9. Does your partner "kiss and tell"?

A. No

B. Somewhat

C. Definately

10. Does your partner bringing up their ex(es) make you worried or irritated?

A. Somewhat

B. Of course

C. Not really

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