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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1069
Should I Let Him Go Quiz
Are you struggling with your current boyfriend? Do you often question if he's the right partner for you? If you have been grappling with the question 'Should I let him go,' the results of this quiz will help you cement your decision.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you and your boyfriend fight, does it:

A. End with healthy compromise and apologies

B. End with mutual dissatisfaction, eventually being forgotten about

C. End abruptly with no solution, creating long-lasting grudges

2. If you had to break difficult news to your boyfriend, would he:

A. Respond with compassion and understanding

B. Internalize it and get quiet

C. Demand an apology without hearing your side of things

3. During a conflict with your boyfriend’s parents, does he:

A. Attempt to understand both sides

B. Do his best to listen but still side with his parents regardless of the situation

C. Defend his parents without trying to see your perspective

4. Imagine a situation where you were wrong and needed to apologize to your boyfriend. In response, does he:

A. Accept your apology and move forward

B. Say he accepts your apology but still hold a silent grudge

C. Hold your mistake over your head

5. In a situation where compromise is necessary, your boyfriend:

A. Compromises willingly

B. Requires some convincing, but eventually compromises

C. Refuses to compromise, ever

6. When you are worried about something, you:

A. Know you can go to your boyfriend about the situation if you want to

B. Know you could talk to your boyfriend, but you’d receive a negative response

C. Know your boyfriend would yell at you for worrying

7. If your boyfriend wronged you, would he:

A. Apologize as soon as he realized you were hurt

B. Apologize, but only after some convincing on your part

C. Refuse to apologize, even after you tell him he hurt you

8. If money was tight, would your boyfriend:

A. Help you come up with a budget-friendly plan

B. Allow you to fix it on your own

C. Insist that the issue is your fault and refuse to brainstorm solutions

9. During stressful situations, does your boyfriend:

A. Have a calm outlook and comfort you

B. Keep to himself

C. Blame you for the situation and add to the struggle

10. When you are talking about tough topics (politics, finances, religion, etc.), does your boyfriend:

A. Allow you to have your own opinions and respect them

B. Tell you you’re wrong, but not make a big deal of it

C. Refuse to acknowledge your opinion at all

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