What Is Your Dream Girl/Guy Like Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 3557
 What Is Your Dream Girl/Guy Like Quiz?

Most of us dream to finding a perfect girl/guy for ourselves. We all have certain qualities and values that we want in our significant other. How would you like your parter to be? Take this “What is your dream guy/girl like?’ quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What kind of kisses do you like?

A. Birdie peck

B. Long lasting

C. Tounge and everything like that

D. The surprise kiss

2. What should their dating history be like?

A. Dated only the people they really felt something for

B. Pretty much only dated others exactly like them

C. Dated people that are athletic

D. Only dated the hottest of the hot

3. What kind of hair color do you like?

A. Brunette

B. Black

C. Blonde

D. Ginger

4. How would you like to meet your dream girl/guy?

A. Bathroom

B. At a counselor's office

C. In the woods

D. On a beach

5. Why do you develop a crushing on someone?

A. Because they are hot

B. They are just really cool

C. They doing what they do and don't care what others think

D. There is truly something special about them

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

A. Read

B. Watch scary movies

C. Take a walk

D. Go to the beach

7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A. In a bar

B. In a mansion

C. In a modern-day house

D. I don't know

8. What color eyes do you like?

A. Blue

B. Pink

C. Brown

D. Green

9. What kind of person should they be?

A. They should be kind and easy to talk to

B. They should be confident

C. They should be smart and interesting

D. They should be social

10. How tall would you want them to be?

A. Average

B. Above average

C. Doesn’t matter to me

D. I would like them to be fit, if not tall

11. How long should their hair be?

A. Middle length

B. Short

C. Shoulder-length

D. Short

12. What should their job be?

A. Doctor

B. Gym trainer

C. Professor

D. Sportsperson

13. Pick a word that describes them best.

A. Nice

B. Hot

C. Smart

D. Sporty

14. What kind of people have you dated previously?

A. Nice

B. Hot

C. Smart

D. Sporty

15. What kind of body do you like?

A. A big one

B. Twig

C. Superhot

D. Slightly overweight

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