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    Just Got Married? A Glimpse into Your First Year


    Oh! So, it’s just been a week since you got married and now you are in a state of constant wonder because everything around seems new and different. You are clueless about how months and then a whole year will pass. Well, this article will provide you with a glimpse about a newlyweds’ first year of matrimony and will tell how your first year might go! Embrace the change. You are not single anymore!

    The early days (honeymoon diaries and all the pampering)

    Not sure about the whole year but the first few months of your married life will probably be the best days of your life. The honeymoon will give you an opportunity to get to know each other better, and you will probably be delighted by the way your husband pampers you (Beware! It won’t last long in case you are really lucky). Also, you will be surprised by the warm welcome and attention you will receive from all the family members in the beginning (Caution: don’t set your expectations seeing that).

    The honeymoon will give you an opportunity to get to know each other better

    Wearing makeup and smile to dinners

    Yes! This is one thing you should get used to. Since you are newly married, you will be attending the popular wedding dinners, and for that, you will have to wear heavily embroidered dresses, makeup, and smile (even if you don’t feel like it). So, ladies adorn yourselves; this won’t last forever!

    Meeting those curious aunties and relatives

    A newlyweds’ first year remains incomplete without meeting those curious aunties and relatives who want to know every single detail about the married life. Oh yes! and how can we forget how eagerly they await the “GOOD NEWS.” So, girls prepare yourselves for such encounters and don’t stress out.

    Coming out of the fantasy world and facing the reality

    This may sound very harsh but the first year of your marriage will probably shed all the myths related to matrimony being something really fascinating. You will be disappointed because what you had thought didn’t happen. Of course, it is not a fairytale. I am really sorry if you thought it is! But don’t be scared you will have your little fairytale moments too.

    Dealing with two pairs of parents

    You will often think about the days when there were just your parents to deal with and trust me those were the best days! The other pair of parents might often give you some tough time. You will have to keep them happy and see that they don’t get offended or annoyed. So, in your first year of marriage, you will probably be thinking about what would please them and what wouldn’t. Well, this is a real task. Good luck!

     The other pair of parents might often give you some tough time

    Understanding people and practices

    Coming from a different place a newlywed’s first year often goes in understanding people and their practices. Understanding in-laws and their preferences, making sense of what your husband likes or dislikes takes time and patience. You will often find yourself wondering about whether you should go out at this time of the evening or not, you can invite friends over or not and many other such things you never even probably cared about. But this is life!

    Thinking before acting

    You won’t be your spontaneous, silly self once you get married. A newlywed’s first year is often spent thinking about what should be done and what should be avoided. Of course, being unmarried is easier but matrimony has its own charms, and people won’t let you be happily unmarried or even happily married!

    Final take away

    Now that you are finally married, enjoy the little things life has to offer and do not stress out. There are ups and downs in a newlywed’s first year of marriage but do not let them make you feel down. Give yourself some time, and all things will fall into place. Cheers!  

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