How Effective Is Separation in Marriage

How Effective Is Separation in Marriage

You have unresolved conflicts in the recent past; leading to a breakdown in the communication channels. You become strangers in the house and in the worst case, one partner becomes abusive. When this happens, it is time to separate. The break can save your life. After a careful thought, you will have a definite answer of whether you want to still be together or completely go separate ways.

What should you do during this separation period?

Remember, separation is the initial step of divorce. Whatever tactics you employ at this time will either lead you to a happy marriage or lead to divorce. Relationship experts advice, when all avenues of salvaging your marriage fails, separation is essential to give personal intuitive reasoning and use of logic to evaluate the importance of the marriage to both parties. However, time is vital at this stage, a longer separation widens the gap between the two separating spouses allowing doubt and fear to prevail.

Evaluate your role in the separation

Separation gives you time to meditate and analyze the situation. Be open with yourself and have a sincere overview of your actions which probably leads to your spouse’s behaviors. Are you ready to change? Were there any changes that your spouse wanted but you became defiant right from onset of your squabbles in the marriage? The defense mechanism of your spouse could be a result of your actions. What are some of the defiant behaviors of your spouse that lead to your separation? During your communication, let your spouse know it and discuss better ways to change.

Communicate regularly

Silence during a healthy separation means no one is willing to come to a compromise for the benefit of the marriage. As you communicate, lay down all individual expectations for a mutual understanding. If children are involved, whoever has the custody of the children should allow the other party to talk and meet the children. If possible, do not involve the children in the marriage mix. Just let them know the importance of the separation. When you communicate they will feel the family is still intact alleviating the withdrawal symptoms. The mature talk between the two of you determines the length of the separation. There must be a will from both ends to ensure you come back together as a family as soon as possible.

Get the right support system

Involve a professional counselor to guide you in the journey towards marriage recovery. The professional angle allows you to openly discuss some of the challenges and the best way to overcome them. The fact that they are non-partisan; it gives you an opportunity to seek forgiveness and accept your spouse’s weaknesses and failures, at the same time; acknowledge each other’s successes. This is only possible when you iron out all the issues without being judgmental for the benefit of the marriage. Have close ties with your family and friends who support the philosophy of marriage and will give you direction on the best practices based on the prevailing conditions. Take care, not all friends will give you the right advice, sieve the information you consume.

Set realistic expectations

The ground rule as you leave should be a healthy time-out. So, have an agreement on what you expect from him in terms of communication and responsibilities such that it does not seem it is an effort from only one of the parties. It weighs the more ‘hard-working’ spouse down, leading to further misunderstanding which might end up to divorce.

Understand your goal

Have you made a joint decision to separate? If yes, let both of you be in agreement on the objective of the decision and the role of each party. Stick to the rules. Through your communication with reference to agreements before the mutual third party, you will automatically know the best time to live in together and make the changes.

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Separation out of good faith results to a long lasting marriage thereafter. Its success is based on trust, understanding, constant communication, forgiveness and the right attitude. That absence gives room for personal evaluation with an option of change. In addition, it permits you to feel the value and significance of your spouse in your life for appreciation. A healthy separation is a joint effort from both parties who are willing to change and go an extra mile work to salvage the marriage. If it comes from a single party then it is an exercise in futility.