How I Saved My Marriage From Divorce & You Can Too

How I Saved My Marriage From Divorce & You Can Too

You may feel as though you are well aligned with your partner and that things are good, but you may also have a time where you have to consider how to save your marriage. This isn’t something that you want to consider as an option, but if you are able to say ‘this is how I saved my marriage from divorce’ it will only make you stronger as a couple. Believe it or not it may be a matter of gaining perspective and getting some inspiration from up above. This is where turning to the power of prayer and looking for ways to make your spouse happy may make all the difference in the world!

If you are like me, then you know that sometimes marriage can be tough. You may be the best couple on paper and you may have struggles just like any other couple. But if you are dedicated to the cause and you want to make your marriage work, then you have to change your attitude. It’s simply a matter of saying that divorce is not an option; so dedicate yourself and say that I will save my marriage and make this work. Yes you can do it, though you may get mad or frustrated along the way at times and that’s okay! If you feel as though you need a bit of inspiration or motivation, here are some ways I highly recommend you look at.

Invite God into your life

Sometimes you have to give it all to God. There is great power in prayer and it can really help to get you on track. If you feel as though you’ve hit a brick wall or you are struggling in your marriage, then this may be your very best option. You may get angry and you may wonder why God has put you in this troubled marriage, but in the big picture your prayer can help you.

Invite God in and you will find be able to say, like me, that this is how I saved my marriage from divorce. When all else fails, give it to God and pray for his help—this may make all the difference in the world and really help you to find some clarity so that you head down the right path. Praying can keep you calm and talking to God can help you to figure out what the next step should be for getting things back on track once and for all.

Be the solution

Sure your spouse probably has some flaws of their own, but in the end this is about improving yourself too. I know that you are probably resistant to the idea that you are part of the problem, but we are all guilty of this to a certain extent. While I spent a lot of time dwelling on what my spouse was doing wrong, I wasn’t really focusing much on what flaws I was bringing to the table.

I put myself into their mindset and really considered what I was doing which was causing the marriage to crumble. It had much to do with identifying my biggest problem areas, stopping the blame game, and then deciding that I was going to work through the issues that I was contributing which were compromising our happy marriage.

Make their life better

Yes your spouse should be doing this for you, and you will be amazed that they will when you start focusing more on them. Start asking what you can do to make their life better. Start thinking of ways to solve the problems and to be more present, thus catering to their needs—you will see that they naturally want to reciprocate for they see that you care and you are putting forth the effort.

By working to make my spouse happy, it made me happy and this is all a big part of how I saved my marriage. It’s all about being the spouse that you have always intended to be and learning to make their life better. Yes you deserve the same thing, and you will get that when they see that you care so much—so it’s a positive cycle that truly benefits both of you!

Do not stop trying

Personally, I decided to never stop trying. I decided that I was bound and determined to make my spouse happy, and so with God’s help I made that my plan and intention. There are good days and bad, but we’re in this together and I will never stop trying.

I will always work to make them happy and know that together we can persevere with the power of prayer and a true inspiration to make each other happy—and that is how I saved my marriage from divorce once and for all!


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