Romance Ideas For Busy Couples

Romance Ideas For Busy Couples

Modern romance is quite different from romance a few decades, or even a few years ago. With people marrying later, or not at all, hectic work schedules, and modern extended and stepfamilies, romance is changing. Sometimes it can be hard to find time for lengthy romantic dinners or trips away.

A busy life doesn’t mean romance has to take a back seat however! You can have a very modern romance no matter how busy you are. If you want to inject a little modern romance into your hectic life, try out one of these tips:

1. Leave each other notes

A romantic note only takes a few moments to compose, but will really brighten your partner’s day. Write down some sweet nothings telling them how much you love them. Make a list of things you adore. Perhaps you could write them an IOU for a date night, shoulder rub or bath together.

Leave a note tucked in their lunch bag, briefcase or purse, or inside their care windscreen.

2. Take a stroll in the park

A stroll in the park is a little shot of old fashioned romance that fits into a busy modern life. All you need is an hour of free time, and each other. Find a local park, nature reserve or sea shore, and stroll hand in hand, enjoying each other’s company.

For added romance, pack a simple picnic of fresh fruit, cheese and wine. Look out for free events in your local park – what could be more romantic than a stroll while a band plays?

3. Create a private blog

Take your romance online with a private blog just for your partner. Sign up to a free service such as Tumblr or Livejournal, create a password protected blog, and write them a little note with the password and address.

Use your blog to write down memories of the two of you, tell them what you love about them, or make romantic plans for the future.

Create a private blog

4. Cook a meal

Give your busy modern life some extra romance by turning everyday chores into opportunities for a little couple time. Instead of ordering takeout or cooking the same old dishes, get together for a romantic cooking session.

Check out your local farmer’s market or artisan store for delicious, fresh luxury ingredients, bring them home, and spend some time together in the kitchen concocting something special.

5. Share a massage

A massage is a quick and easy way to boost romance and physical intimacy. If one or both of you has had a hard day, set aside half an hour to give each other a back and neck rub. Splash out on some gorgeous scented oils, light some candles, put on some relaxing music, and let your troubles go.

A massage will leave you both feeling relaxed, while the touch and physical closeness will rekindle the flame and leave you feeling closer than ever.

6. Make a playlist

Show your partner you care with their very own playlist. You can use an online service such as Napster or Spotify to create a list of songs just for them. They can listen to it wherever they are.

Put together a playlist of songs you know they love, or songs that are important to the two of you. Or why not make a playlist of number one songs on their birthday every year, for a musical look back at their life?

7. Work out together

Get fit and spend some time together with a shared workout. Don’t worry – your partner doesn’t have to see you sweating it out at the gym! Pick a fun activity to do together such as swimming, jogging, dancing or ten pin bowling.

Exercising together will release endorphins, which make you feel good, and give you some valuable bonding time too. Stop off on the way home for coffee and some time spent enjoying each other’s company.

Work out together

8. Send a saucy text

A quick text message is the ultimate modern way to make sure you are on your partner’s mind. No matter how busy you are, you can make time to send a quick text. Your partner will love being reminded that you’re thinking of them.

Melt their heart with some seriously romantic texts, or get a little saucy to whet their appetite for later. Your partner’s day will be so much more interesting thanks to you.

9. Have a lunch date

If you work close enough to each other, have a lunch date. Take a bagged lunch to a nearby park or city square, or grab a bite to eat in your favorite cafe. Even a half hour lunch is long enough for a bite to eat, a chance to catch up with each other, and some stolen kisses.

Seeing each other in the middle of your work day will feel like a mini date and give you a warm glow to get you through the afternoon.

Being busy doesn’t have to put a stop to the romance in your life. Try out a few modern romance ideas and keep your relationship strong and your partner happy, no  matter what life throws at you each day.