Does He Miss Me? 5 Signs to Show He Does

He loves me, he loves me not

Relationships can be very complicating.

A lot of times, it is hard to discern what your partner may be thinking or feeling. Especially if it is a new or budding relationship. Basically, you are still getting to know them and the fact that you can’t read minds does not help as well.

Okay, that last bit was just a joke. Please don’t try to get inside your partner’s mind.

Anyway, back to the topic. It can get really frustrating when you have no idea how they feel about you. Do they reciprocate your feelings? Or are they just putting on a show? Are they shy? There could be a million different possibilities!

Well, sometimes people don’t really leave apparent hints that you could interpret. Especially guys. It is rather unfortunate but there is a social stigma surrounding men and the expression of emotion. So, their partners are often left to contemplate on their own.

For that reason, today’s article compiles some signs to tell if he misses you or not. Do keep in mind that, it does not speak for the entire male population. It also does not intend to paint all men with the same brush.

It is just a collection of signs that are most commonly noticed.

1. He will make the extra effort

If a guy misses you, he will definitely make a special effort to come to see you. It does not have to be a necessarily grand gesture the likes of which you see in books and movies.

No, it can also be for the briefest of moments, but they will be insistent on meeting up.

They will even forgo being with friends or other relations to come to see you or hang out with you. The location wouldn’t particularly either. The main focus will be just being with you.

2. You will hear from him quite often

Here from him quite often

Boy oh boy. Be ready because you are going to be receiving a considerable amount of text messages and calls. You will be hearing from him for the most trivial and irrelevant reasons ever.

Warning – This may induce an extreme test of patience.

“I just called to say hi” is an example of what you might hear along with other such statements. Not only that but you’ll see them quite frequently on your social media.

Likes, comments, shares, it’ll be like having your own fan.

3. Reminiscing about the good old days

Trips down the memory lane will become quite frequent.

Even if the memory lane doesn’t go quite far. “Do you remember that one time”, “I wish we could do that/go there again”. You may hear these more often. They’ll try to remember and hold on to precious memories. You may even come across old pictures or letters or any other physical proof of your time together.

4. He will talk about you everywhere

You will not experience this first hand, but he will definitely talk about you to his friends and even family. It may be a little annoying for others, but this strongly implies that he wishes you were there with him. He will think of you in every situation.

He may even call back and relay the entire experience to you!

5. He will say it

He will say the words

He may not say it quite often, but you will definitely hear it from him.

Not the half-hearted version but a with sincerity. There is also a chance that you may find out through his friends as it is highly probable that they will find out sooner than you will.

The conclusion?

The feeling of genuinely missing someone is quite unbearable regardless of your gender.

Therefore, if he misses you truly you are bound to find out sooner or later. Another important thing is communication. Maybe if you communicate effectively, he will tell you instead of masking his feelings.

Where all of these signs will help you figure out if he misses you or not, the best way is to talk.

The reason for that is when you talk you will find the answer to this question quite easily! If all he wants to talk about is you, then he misses you for sure!

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