How to Tell If Someone Likes You?

How to Tell If Someone Likes You

When you like someone and the core of your heart cares about them, you want to know if that “someone” likes you in return or not?
A question that always pops in your mind must be, ‘Does he or she like me the way I do?’

It is quite hard to comprehend the traits relevant to emotions – emotions which are similar to affection. Human psychology is very complicated and every individual is completely different from the other. According to the triangular theory of love proposed by Robert Stenberg, love has three components – intimacy, passion, and commitment.

Talking of intimacy, it refers to feelings of closeness, attachment, and connectedness. On the other hand, human psychology, as mentioned above, is like a web which can’t be unwound. Every person, being very different from the other has different psychological patterns.
‘How to tell if someone likes you?’ – this could be one of the most difficult questions.

Signs to know whether he likes you

Psychologists have proposed many ideas which could be useful in finding the answer to the question. There are various signs which would help you discover if someone likes you. These signs may vary in males and females.
Women are considered the delicate gender, who, usually, show their sentiments of intimation quite readily. On the other hand, men are deemed introvert in this regard. They typically don’t expose their feelings that easily.
As far as signs are concerned, there are many, and observing these signs in ‘that someone’ can prove to be of great use.
For instance, according to psychologists, if you want to know whether a girl likes you, pay attention to her appetite. Experiments have shown that if she’s interested in you, she will eat less while dining with you.

Women’s eating and sleeping patterns change considerably when they like someone.

Out of these, eating patterns can easily be observed. This doesn’t apply to men.
There are more signs discussed below to help you offset your love life –

1.Eye contact

Experiments have shown that if someone likes you, they try to make eye contact with you.
This usually applies to men. They are found comfortable to make eye contact. Women, on the other hand, are found to be shy while maintaining eye contact with someone they admire.
If the duration of this particular contact is more extended, say, 30-40 seconds then it’s for sure that they are interested in you.

2.Look at their friends

If someone likes you, their friends will create jokes when you’re around. They might give you a mysterious look.

3.Do they want to know you more?

If they want to know more and more about you, they will like to spend time with you. They can ask you to relish a cup of coffee with them.
They will probably sit with you, listen to you carefully for an extended period without getting bored. And of course, will ask your likes and dislikes.

4. Do they like your opinion?

In Psychology, there’s a principle known as ‘similarity principle.’ This principle can be observed when we’re meeting new friends.
If they agree with your point of view, then it means they want to get along with you and share the same hobbies and interests. In an intimate relationship, they would like your weak point of view as well.

5. Do they like the same things?

 Do they like the same things?

Someone who likes you will have the same interests as you do. They will love the same music, bands, songs, color and much more.

If you’ve ever mentioned your favorite place to them, they will like to visit that with you. This proves that they like you.

6. Do they mimic you?

Psychological tests have shown that if you like someone you mimic them sitting alone or while being with them.

So, if someone mimics you while being around, it is likely that they like you.

7. Do they like to play jokes with you?

If someone plays modest jokes, it shows an indication that they like you.

8. Are they always around you in need?

Being available when you need them most can be another sign that they like you.

These were some of the signs discussed which could aid you in finding if someone likes you. All of them might not be applicable for everyone, but you can use some of these to reveal someone’s perception about you.