Will He Ask Me Out Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1224 | Updated: Aug 01, 2022
 Will He Ask Me Out Quiz?

You found a guy who sets your heart aflutter, but now it’s his turn to make the next move. You’re hopeful that he’s ready to take the next step by asking you out on a date, but you are still unsure. You might even be wondering if he is into you the way you are into him. 

Many signs show when a guy is interested in dating you, but sometimes they can be difficult to identify. Take this Will He Ask Me Out Quiz to get an answer to the question.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you the only girl he’s talking to romantically?

A. Yes, it’s just me

B. No, he flirts with other girls all the time

C. I don’t know what he’s doing

2. What are your conversations like?

A. We get deep and personal

B. We only discuss surface-level things

C. It’s a mixture of both

3. How does he feel about commitment?

A. He does not want to commit at all

B. He is ready for a commitment

C. I don’t know where he stands on that topic

4. Who is the one to initiate communication?

A. I always call or text first

B. He usually contacts me first

C. It’s an even split

5. Does thinking about you make him smile?

A. I am unsure

B. Yes, he gets giddy

C. No, not really

6. Do you feel like he makes you a priority?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes, I’m always a priority to him

C. No, he doesn’t put me first

7. What does he think you would do if he doesn’t ask you out?

A. I would wait around, hoping he changes his mind

B. I would accept it and move on

C. I would be heartbroken

8. How often do the two of you talk?

A. Every single day

B. A few times a week

C. Less than once a week

9. Does he joke about dating you?

A. Sometimes

B. Not really

C. Quite a number of times

10. Has he ever shown interest in knowing your schedule?

A. He has asked once or twice

B. Yes, whenever there’s a get-together with friends

C. Yes, almost all the time

11. How often does he make eye contact?

A. Only at certain moments

B. Barely

C. Mostly

12. Has he ever pampered you with gifts?

A. I received a beautiful gift from him on my birthday

B. Not yet

C. Yes, on unexpected days

13. Has he been weirdly emotional around you?

A. Yes, on certain occasions

B. No, he isn’t an emotional person

C. Yes, I have noticed that

14. Has he introduced you to his friends?

A. No, he doesn’t want me to meet anyone

B. Yes, many times

C. We’ve never discussed it

15. How does he act when he’s with you?

A. flirty and affectionate

B. shy and reserved

C. cold and distant

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